Weblog Awards 2005

December 8, 2005 1:05 PM

The recently concluded contest “Australia’s Best Blog” was corporate sponsored and voting was done by a panel of judges. Even then there are doubts about what is “best” – read a commentary about it here.

Which brings us to the “Weblog Awards” – this is international and they have their own site here. This differs from the above by being peer and reader voted. No formal set of criterion, just who you like best. Thus it’s more of a popularity contest.

But being popular does not neccesarily make you best and vice-versa. Hey Xiaxue won “Best Asian Blog” previously but really, is her blog the best representative of the Asian blogosphere? Hardly. Because even as fluff, it’s poorly written fluff. 😉

The two awards of particular interest to me are of course the “Best Australian/NZ Blog” and the “Best Asian Blog“.

Check out the blogs and vote, especially for the Asian one. Xiaxue is currently leading by a mile. If you don’t vote at all, you are helping her indirectly. There’s gotta be at least one or two blogs on the list that you would consider good reads, so vote for them. You can vote as many times as you want until the 15th of December – the only limit is you can only vote once every 24 hours (from the same IP anyway).

If Xiaxue wins it again, you do know what is going to happen don’t you? 😉

“I’m Xiaxue and I’m the Best Asian Blogger again! I can say whatever I want because I’m the BEST! You are all idiots! You are all just jealous! So you all can just shut up and f*ck off!”

18 thoughts on “Weblog Awards 2005

  1. Kynne

    I just voted… from each of the terminals in my office. I’ve asked the other half to do that with his terminals at work too. Will do that every day hahahaha!

    Word verification of the moment:

    Eee… so dirty one.

  2. Darkharf

    It’s actually a good thing if she wins the award again. So she will have an even bigger head and we’ll all have more dramas to watch in future. Who knows, the next Olympic may have a chance to hold in Singapore, in XX’s head… LOL

  3. mooiness

    kynne: eh don’t the terminals in your office share the same external IP? Oh well, as long as you are voting for the others on the list then it’s all good. Gotta bridge the voting gap!

    qbesx => I read that as que bee essex. What’s so dirty about that? You think everything’s dirty. Heh.

    darkharf: actually you do have a valid point but at the same time I’m conflicted as to the need to blow her ego up even further. 😉

  4. Kynne

    Mooi : Tak, we don’t share the same external IPs. That’s why can vote in total of 6 every day!

    Me think everything dirty? No lah, I just have migraine, so the real brain cells and fake brain cells jumble up already. Lol.


  5. emiryo

    How do you judge a blog is good or not?

    Couldn’t they just do a most visited blog? But I’m afraid all top 10 will be prono blog… yippy!
    And if that’s what most people want, then that must be IT!

  6. mooiness

    emiryo: normal judging criterion would be the same as for any website – design, layout, ease-of-use, content etc.

    If they go for most visited blog, then it’s the same as a popularity contest like weblogawards.org is. 😉

  7. Christina

    I just snorted Coke everywhere when I got to the part about Xiaxue winning Best Asian Blog previously. I’m not Asian, but when people like her win things like Best Asian Blog, the whole contest becomes a joke.

    ‘Cept now I’m going to be perceived as jealous. Whatever. At least when I read my own site, and others, my brain cells don’t die.

  8. Anonymous

    i don’t read xiaxue and i don’t care about her. i’m just gonna say that you used to be really interesting and insightful until that time you wrote 10 posts in a row about how you hate xiaxue. i thought it was over, and there you are doing it again. so disappointing. the ironic thing is that you’re most likely gonna retort this comment with ‘this is my blog and i can say whatever i want’

  9. mooiness

    spinnee: she’s quite predictable isn’t she? 😉

    christina: hehe. omg you know about her too. Wahhah she’s more pervasive than I thought. 😉

    anonymous: ten in a row? where got so much? I don’t think I’d ever said I hated her – my arguments have always been against what she says and not her person. And my point this time is that if she wins over more deserving bloggers like mr. brown then it’s a sad state of affairs. And though I’m not going to use that excuse you’ve attributed to me, if you can prove anything that I’ve said is baseless then please enlighten me.

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