Work smart, not hard

December 9, 2005 10:36 AM

Had a conversation with YC last night. Two of the things that she had said and asked:

  • “I study smart, not hard.”
  • “How do you stand a desk job when you get so little sleep?”

I said something about being left alone in a dark little corner. Ok it was late, I didn’t articulate myself well and her MSN crapped out so our conversation didn’t so much end as got cut off. Thus behold, an idea for a post was born.

The two things that she said above are related to what I had really wanted to say about my job:

  1. I seldom deal with clients so being groggy from lack of sleep is ok.
  2. When my colleagues need my help, they give me their requests and back away slowly – a cranky systems admin is a given.
  3. Though mostly I’m left to my own devices because as I’ve mentioned before, when there’s no “fire” no one looks for the systems admin anyway. A good systems admin is one you never see.
  4. And to help me keep an eye on the systems that I’m responsible for, I’ve got all sorts of graphs and charts on my monitor and laptop (two screens baby!) that are continously updated to show me what’s up, what’s down, what’s running low/high etc. Then I’ve also set email notifications for when sh*t really hits the fan – I don’t like those.

So in conclusion, like how YC studied – I work smart, not hard. Sorta. And tea, coffee and Coke helps too. 😉

For an example of systems admins behaving badly, check this out:
BOFH: When desk lamps attack | The Register

7 thoughts on “Work smart, not hard

  1. Kynne

    Desk job is alright, lack of sleep is ok.. sometimes, depends if I get migraine with it or not. But it’s the big butt that worries me. Lol.

    Work smart, kaching-ching, eh Marcus?

  2. mooiness

    emiryo: what the f*ck kinda job is that???? lemme guess – middle mgmt. 🙂

    kynne: hehe yes sitting down all day long without moving is not the best. 😉 Efficiency rules – but it does help that I deal with machines mostly. It’s when you add humans into the mix ….

    kenny: yours is not bad what, get to travel round. see the country etc.

  3. YC

    gimme one of your monitor/laptop!

    i don’t get it, how can u tahan to face the pc at work, go home, and face the pc until you go to bed?

    your sugar vs. alcohol method didn’t work. i still feel like dying….

    word verification: fixerup. yes fix’er up! i need to be fixed.

  4. mooiness

    yc: monitors are company punya – I would if I could. 😛

    Erm a lot of ppl have asked about facing the PC all day long, and when I’m not facing the PC I’m watching TV. 0_0 Erm no answer! Maybe I’m just wired like that …

    My method did not work? But did you drink lotsa water as well? Low blood sugar and dehydration are the causes of hangovers. For the rest of the day just drink lots (water, not alcohol!) and flush out your system.

    Wah lau …. even the word verification sense your problems. 😉

    I got “fixvgn” … erm fix v*g*na? Wahah. Lewd, so so lewd.


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