Mowing grass makes me feel manly

December 10, 2005 2:20 PM

It’s summer time and we here in Oz have what’s called fire hazards. And in our homes, that would be dry leaves, grass etc. I’ve been meaning to do some cleaning up and mowing for a long time – my landlords (ie. my parents) have been pestering me for a while now so I thought, “Ah why not …”

I whipped out the whipper-snipper (heh). It’s a grass cutter but it doesn’t work with blades. Instead it works by whipping two strands of plastic tubing around at high velocity. Therefore it whips and it snips! Wah. Aussie lingo is damn inventive.

I put on some jeans, gloves and protective glasses – grass cutting is dangerous work yo! So anyway I whipped and I snipped. I also raked. In my mind it flashed a temporary vision of insanity as I imagined myself throwing a match onto the mound of dry grass and laughing maniacally. I scared myself.

After all that grass mowing, I felt very accomplished. Very manly. I thought what would be more manly than to quench my thirst with beer. Ah one last bottle of Toohey’s Extra Dry in the fridge. Woohoo. One of my other favourite beers is Victoria’s Bitter (VB). Now that’s Aussie for you. But not as Aussie as YC’s sister. Crikeeey!

Have a great Saturday you all!

6 thoughts on “Mowing grass makes me feel manly

  1. Christina

    I have a picture I took of an advertisement for Talon Touch Tools. It was a whipper-snipper, and said “I’ll whip your grass”. I’ve never been able to look at whipper-snippers seriously after 😛


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