Nice day for a white wedding

December 11, 2005 1:27 PM

Am attending a wedding at 3pm today and actually it is not really a nice day for a white wedding. The skies look overcast, with lots of low lying black clouds (what’s the name for them?) looming ominously. And the wedding is outdoors overlooking the river. Nice – if the skies would cooperate and not piss down that is.

Following the wedding would be a posh dinner at Fraser’s in King’s Park.

Let’s see what pictures this snap-happy blogger will be able to take.

5 thoughts on “Nice day for a white wedding

  1. Christina

    You used to be able to choose what you wanted, instead of a set menu. So I chose the closest thing to what I had last year, the meat cooked at the same I had last year (you know, rare, medium rare, well done, etc), which I don’t remember but my Mum does, and it was so tough and it just wasn’t the same. They didn’t even have caesar salad! *Dies* They had the BEST caesar salad last year and no more!


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