Naked woman squatting was Malay

December 13, 2005 4:35 PM

Turns out that the naked woman squatting in the infamous MMS clip that created one of the bigger scandals in Malaysia recently, was in fact Malay. So therefore I was wrong when I had said that this would not have happened to a Muslim woman in Malaysia. Regardless, the procedure, although widely carried out by the Malaysian police is not a standard prescribed in the Inspector-General’s Standing Orders.

So even if the victim in the clip was not Chinese, it is safe to assume that this has happened to Malaysian citizens as well as other nationals, including those from China. One or two complaints from Chinese nationals may be a coincident but not when there’s more than a few as indicated by the local Chinese press as well as the papers in China.

Therefore it is still a good thing that the Home Affairs Minister was sent to China to repair the negative perceptions. Frankly, I believe Malaysian citizens deserve a good explanation as well as to why the police treats the people it is suppose to serve with such contempt. I hope to at least see some solid course of action stemming from the Royal Commission into Police Management that was concluded earlier this year, as well as the Independent Commission set up to probe the MMS incident.

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7 thoughts on “Naked woman squatting was Malay

  1. emiryo

    Who can be sure? Few millions malaysian, sure can find one that face look about the same one wat. Cover up! cover up!

    Anyway, it’s not the way they treat prisoners that pissed me.

    “Face the walls and strip, spread your legs and bend over, show me your xxx” is the standard procedure in most country, yes, Spore did it too…

    It’s the attitude of their police force and govt towards foreigners!

  2. Darkharf

    Corruption and abusing of authorities are not uncommon since ancient time. But what puzzles me is, why are they always so slow in giving their explanations? And they always have to give you some make-you-wanna-hammer-them kind of reasons first before they proceed with telling a more reasonable one. Sigh…

    Word Verification : koteak (muahahahahaha)

  3. mooiness

    kynne: yes go read and get angry like a Malaysian. 😉

    emiryo: Malaysian police are very well-known for their ill-behaviour towards foreigners (except angmohs ;)). So guess who gets it worse – the citizens themselves. Actually I take that back, *rich* citizens get treated better than the not-so-rich because they can pay the bribes.

    darkharf: it’s an illogical attempt to avoid looking guilty but the delay tactics only make it worse. Btw, I approve of your profile pic! I like! 8)


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