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December 14, 2005 4:31 PM

Darkharf has been super productive today, writing not one but two (!) very practical guides to everyday living. One is for travelling safely from Singapore to Malaysia, though a lot of her tips can be applied to travelling in general. The number 1 rule of street-wise travelling: be cynical and assume everyone is out to get you. 😉

Excerpts from the post:

  • Don’t carry too much valuables with you. If you MUST wear that blessed Buddha figurine gold chain, make sure you wear a top with collar to cover the gold chain, otherwise, not only it attracts good luck, it attracts robbers too.
  • Don’t step out of a shop until you placed all your change into your wallet and chuck it well into your pocket. Always look around at suspicious people and check if anybody is watching or following you. If you realised you are being followed, alert the building security guards. If you are outdoors, walk into a shop and tell the shop owner. If you are nowhere, run…

And the second one is a guide on how to shop at a wet-market, specifically which sections to visit first and how to stack your groceries in your shopping trolley. Wah lau eh … I was sibeh impressed. 🙂

Excerpts from that post:

After breakfast, I start my marketing by visiting the vege stalls first. Veges are lighter in weight, and I don’t need to drag a heavy trolley even before I am halfway thru the market, so I bought veges first. Then, dried food… these things, same as veges, are lightweight and they don’t go stale as quickly as meat or fish. After the dried food, I went to get some garnishes and spices. Then, I headed for the red meat.

While placing the groceries into my trolley, I make sure the veges are always on top and meat at the bottom. Cos’ sometimes, the plastic bags will leak and I don’t want the water from the meat to leak onto the rest of the groceries. And also meat are heavier, heavy things at the bottom, light one on top. Lightest is vege, so vege on top all the time. Mommi taught me one…

Can you tell that I’m experiencing a dearth of blogging material today? 😉

4 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Practical

  1. Darkharf

    Ally : Actually true leh. When I go shopping, I always leave the heavier items last, so that I don’t tired myself out with heavy shopping bags even before I am done with my shopping. But I know most people don’t really bother, cos’ they don’t shop with a list like I do… hahahaha


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