Workload before going on holidays

December 19, 2005 4:00 PM

The amount of workload that you have is inversely proportional to the time left before you leave on your holidays. This is an inherent truth.

I’ve done the right thing by telling the boss and colleagues about my holiday plans at least 1.5 months in advance. The workflow continues on as per normal for a while. Ppl were a bit complacent, “Ah, he will be here for another couple of weeks. It can wait.”

And now as the day looms up ahead, work mysteriously appears and minor things suddenly gain in importance:

  • “You have to have this done before you leave. Otherwise it’s another 3 weeks!”
  • “Wait wait wait, have you written down any instructions for this? What if I have to do this when you are gone?”
  • … and so on and so forth.

*sigh* What was that about it doesn’t pay to be a good samaritan sometimes? Well it doesn’t pay to be a conscientous employee sometimes.

And as any good tech worker would know, I can be sure to receive at least one phone call from the office while I’m away. I just know it.

6 thoughts on “Workload before going on holidays

  1. Jeremy

    Moo: just forward your calls to the Microsoft helpdesk. Simple! When the users realize you’re away and can only be helped by Microsoft, they’ll cherish you more and give you a HUGE HUGE raise just to keep you there and happy.

  2. mooiness

    jeremy: or it might backfire and they think that they can save paying me a salary and just use Microsoft. 🙂

    But unfortunately, most of my work is on Linux and networking. Only a small proportion is Windows support. So no joy there.


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