Me and married women

December 20, 2005 11:33 PM

No, not like that. 😉

On Sunday I caught up with a friend who will be leaving Perth for good shortly after I get back from my holidays. That’s her on the right. She will be joining her fiance in HK.

Tonight I caught up with another friend who is back from Sydney for a few weeks, visiting her family. I used to have a crush on her and the next time I see her in October, she’d be a married woman.

Yes I do know a lot of woman who are either getting married or is married. If I was a pessimistic person, I’d think how cruel it is to have fate treat me this way. But I’m not. Not only because of the reason of hotness by association, but because I truly feel that their friendship enriches my life instead of the opposite.

I’m so glad to have managed to caught up with them before I leave for my holidays. Moments like these, no matter how short and fleeting always make me feel blessed.

(Photos from their Friendster pages)

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