Travel jitters

December 20, 2005 10:46 AM

I got hit by a sudden panic attack this morning, so much so that I felt slightly nauseous and couldn’t finish my breakfast. It felt like I’m forgetting something.

I checked my passport, travel insurance, tickets and hotel reservations. All printed, all confirmed. I even made two copies of my ID info off my passport. I got Malaysian Ringgit and will be getting some Singaporean Dollars at lunch time. I even gave that list of accounts and passwords to my parents. So what the hell am I missing?! I might get some extra pairs of underwear just for the hell of it. F*ck. This is very unsettling.

It’s not as if I’m going to a place where I don’t know anyone. I’ve travelled many times previously for work and pleasure. I’ve never had these jitters before and I don’t know why I’m getting them now.

19 thoughts on “Travel jitters

  1. Kynne

    Selamat pagi Encik Marcus.

    Travel jitters are common, I know I’m like that regardless to where I travel.

    Did you make a checklist?

    Passport, flight ticket, hotel reservation, money, credit cards, toothbrush/toothpaste, toiletries in fact, medicines, plasters… hahaha!

    Ok lah, the last 2 items, are always in my checklist. I’m THAT organized and prepared always.

    Word verification : zeuswsre

    Zeus was here!

    I’m a lady though.

  2. mooiness

    kynne: hehehe I don’t do a list but I’m methodic enough. Besides the essentials (passport, tickets etc.), I just imagine what I’d need in my daily life and then pack accordingly. With some optimisation along the way. 🙂

    Damn you get the good words – Zeus was here … wah, impressive. 😛

  3. Kynne

    That and probably you might have a lot of things to do before you can actually fly off, just like the workload you told us.

    “I hate the sheety workload! Why does this have to happen everytime before I leave for vacation!”

    “What else did I forget to put in my suitcase?”

    Don’t you just hate that?

  4. emiryo

    Because you forgotten my X’mas gift… But it’s ok, I accept cash.

    Come on, there’s nothing that you missed out, and even if you did, you can buy them over here.

    I guess you’re just so looking forward to this trip that’s why you feel this way. Don’t get stress out… drink more water!


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