The holiday that will begin tomorrow

December 21, 2005 10:29 AM

Singapore is gonna be hectic …

  • 3 groups of old friends.
  • 2 groups of relatives.
  • 1 Blinkymummy.
  • X’Mas!

4 days.

KL would be more relaxed …

  • 1 group of old friends.
  • 2 groups of relatives.
  • 1 YC.
  • New Year!

5 days.

Penang/Langkawi would be bliss …

  • 1 group of relatives
  • Eat! Eat! Eat! Penang FKT, Kuay Teow Tng, Or-Chien … but mostly Penang FKT! And lots of Kopi-o-Ping! Penang coffee is different from the other places, I’m telling ya! (for more info on Penang cuisine, click here)
  • Beach and bumming in Langkawi.
  • Too much booze! Too much smoking! (becoz it’s all sooo very cheap there)
  • Cough cough cough. Puke puke puke.

7 days.

Arrive back in Perth late Tuesday night (10th Jan). Go back to work the next day. And that ladies and gentlemen is my grand plan. 🙂

19 thoughts on “The holiday that will begin tomorrow

  1. Laynie

    Lucky bastard. I’ll be at home cooking for the family, while friends and relatives walk in and out as they please, every one of them requiring more chocolate (which I will either have to buy or make) and more presents (ditto). Plus none of them celebrate Xmas except for one, so they won’t be bringing me any presents.

    Somehow wish my flu would get worse. Then I can stay in bed all day.

  2. mooiness

    laynie: wait…if they don’t celebrate Xmas why you buy them presents for? I say that if they don’t give out presents, then they don’t get presents themselves. 😛

    As for the food and rellies walking in and out, well I understand your pain. 😉 Sometimes when one family among your relatives is the “hub” then everyone just visits the hub.

    In this case, the hub is your family.

  3. Kynne

    Ah ah, I used Indo Malay, hehehe.. Pandai you. Allson Hotel? Berapa charges dia eh? I should have offered you to stay at Royal Plaza on Scotts at Orchard, corporate rate with free minibar!

    Word verification : *throws her sandal at a lizard* shwlplok!!

  4. emiryo

    S$108 is ex for just a place to sleep. Looking at your schedule, you ain’t going to get much sleep anyway.
    S$79 for Hotel 81… you get 1 mineral water 1 milo 1 coffee 1 tea 1 cup noodle free… ok, fuck the mineral water, just drink straight from the tap, you get more mineral that way.

    But hey, you can get some company for the night just downstairs…

  5. mooiness

    jjj: oh well! 😛

    emiryo: hahahah yeah man I do know it’s exp for a bed. But I wanted somewhere central and all the cheaper 3-stars were booked out.

    That Hotel 81 sounds good yeah – even got cup noodles. Whahhaahah!

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