9 thoughts on “My mom is cool

  1. mooiness

    christina: yeah should just impregnate someone and bring her the baby when it pops out. Here you go – grandchild for ya. 😉

    kynne: hahah I did. It was definitely a blast.

    the v.u.: dude sorry man. Caught yours and Hiao-Auntie’s comments late (am now in KL!). In any case my schedule was supremely tight so maybe next thing lah! 🙂

    vandice: yeah got luck, chatted with a girl like I described but I didn’t ask her number cos I wasn’t gonna be there for long. Should have at least asked for her email right? Oh well. *sigh* 😛

    hiao-auntie: aiyak sorry – caught this late. Next time maybe? 🙂

    damion: hahahah. Erm yeah I do know what to do. Now all I need is the suitable woman to do it with. Heh.

    spinnee: yeah I have no doubt of that. So many…. 😉

    louyau: turning 31 on the 29th December!


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