Singapore Update 1

December 25, 2005 1:42 PM

Woohoo! Merry Xmas!

First things first, I’ve been dissapointed by one or two friends whom, despite me giving them ample advance notice of my coming to Singapore, didn’t take the time out to meet or had asked me to change my schedule for them at the last minute. With the number of ppl that I have to see, my schedule had all been planned out precisely so it was impossible to change it for anyone. Oh well. I’ve believe I’ve already met the worthy ppl anyway. 😉

Ok so this is day 3 in Singapore.

Walked around with Swee. She helped me got a bus ticket to KL and I was her fashion-opinion-giver throughout the day. “No really, you look good in that.” Liar. Hahhaha!

Then we got some beers at Breko Cafe just outside Bugis Junction and her cousin came along from her work. Pretty – too bad got boyfriend already.

Night time came and I met up with June and Eve (my ex-housemates) for dinner. June scored us a table at this place called New Asia atop the Swiss Hotel. It was so posh that I counted 3 (!) checkpoints to go up there. 1 at a ground floor lounge, another on the 65th floor on the stairs to the restaurant itself. Then another to the “members area”. Even got a stamp. Fwah. What kinda uppity restaurant was this!?

But the view was fantastic and the food wasn’t shabby either. After dinner, Eve left because she was tired and June and I headed to Ministry of Sound, Singapore. The queue was f*cking ridiculous – it snaked around the building 3 times. So essentially it was 3 blocks long!

However, June knew one of the marketing ppl working for MoS and got us in without queing. Good to know friends in high places. 🙂

Inside it was split into one main room and 3 smaller rooms. Main room played house/trance, while the other rooms played R&B, retro and chillout. Needless to say it was packed. The clubhead that I am had a great time. Woohoo!

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