Singapore Update 3

December 27, 2005 3:53 PM

Continued from Singapore Update 1 and Singapore Update 2.

Am now blogging from KL – right now in a internet cafe in Sungai Wang.

Woke up late from the night before at BM’s gathering. Wow what a great night. It was really cool that our conversation flowed on from our virtual ones seamlessly. I believe that I have made a life long friend. The wonders of blogging. Speaking of which, a girl said that BM was “gross” the night at Loof. Mm-kay. 😉

Caught up with a friend from Perth who now works in Singapore. We had a few beers and some spicy chicken wings at Breko Cafe across from Bugis Junction. I mentioned something about “low-maintenance friends” previously and I really feel blessed that I have these ppl in my life. Not that I’m lazy but I’m always glad that we can pick up a conversation with friends like these like we were never apart.

At night I had dinner with a cousin, his parents visiting from Penang and a friend of his. We had Shanghainese Ramen at this restaurant near Breko just a few shops down. The wontons were those that when you bite into them, the soup inside just oozes out. Tre bien. And the ramen was not bad too.

After that we headed off to Suntec City to look (or was it gawk?) at the world’s biggest water feature. I went, I saw and I wondered, “Har? Is that all?” It doesn’t “dance” and there wasn’t any fancy lights or whatever. I looked around and there were all these tourists and possibly locals sitting down looking at it and taking pictures. Hehe. Ppl really amuses me sometime.

4 thoughts on “Singapore Update 3

  1. Jeremy

    err.. a girl said BM was gross? sure or not? I checked out her blog and there’s no way she’s saw BM unless it was outside during your photo shooting session. No way at all.. cus there’s no way she could have fitted through the double-doors of zouk…

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