KL Update 2

December 29, 2005 3:14 PM

Continued from KL Update 1.

As mentioned in my previous post, my cousins and I killed time at Berjaya Times Square. Ten freaking floors of shops – who the hell needs that many choices? The place was also not that busy so I don’t know how the poorer-trafficked shops survive. My aunty told me that some shops were offered a 40% (!!!) reduction in their rent.

After wandering around the first few floors, we thought let’s just go to the arcades. Woohoo! That was the single most busy place in the entire building. We played “House of The Dead 4” mostly and we got a great workout from it – you have to shake the guns to reload your ammo, or when a zombie grabs hold of you.

We also saw some para-para game with this dude playing it. He was really taking it seriously. My cousins and I both agree that he looked “gay”. Hahah!

After Times Square we headed back to Sungai Wang and had dinner. Nasi kandar for me, and roti-canai and maggi-mee goreng for my cousins. Then had coffee at Dome with my aunty and her friends at Dome to wait for the rain to die down. Why? Because when it rains heavily, traffic would just be horrendous. That’s KL for you.

Got home and rested a while. Tonight would be Zouk Mambo.

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