KL Update 3 – Mambo @ Velvet (Zouk)

December 29, 2005 3:49 PM

Continued from KL Update 1 and KL Update 2.

Wednesday night
Went to the KL Zouk for Mambo @ Velvet. For those who don’t know, Mambo nights are when they play “Retro” music from the 80s and 90s. Or updated versions of those songs. Who’s taking me? My aunty. You heard correct.

I won’t reveal her age here but I will tell you some details:

  • She has had 5 kids.
  • Her eldest is 24 and her youngest is 9. The two youngest ones are the ones that I’ve been hanging out with during the past few days.
  • She is Reucas’ mom – my would-be rock star cousin who lives in the same house with me in Perth.

And yeah, she parties still. 🙂

We had a table reserved for us and got there at 11pm. It was quiet but after only one hour the crowd had grown to the point where it was difficult to walk around the place. Music was fab and lotsa drinks were had. The place is similar to the original in Singapore except roomier in certain parts.

And who did I bump into there but the delectable YC herself. She msged me about our meetup for the next day and mentioned she was in Zouk. I messaged her back and told her, “Me too!” BM, she’s the one you once quoted about diamonds and having the finances to marry.

So we met and chatted and just like BM, the conversation felt effortless transitioning from online and into the “flesh”.

She couldn’t stop being fascinated by my aunty and how she still comes out to clubs. She said that she wishes she would still be as happening when she reaches my aunty’s age. We bitched about certain bloggers and talked about the culture shock of coming from Australia to Malaysia (less so for me since I’ve only came back for a holiday and not to live like her). I got to know a bit more about her “Boo”. And of course, we took some photos. She even did her trademark tongue thing. Woohoo! I’ve got myself a new friend to hang out with in KL. 🙂

Will be meeting up with her for dinner the next day. Before that we will be going around Lot 10 taking some photos for an assignment at her job. Swell.

4 thoughts on “KL Update 3 – Mambo @ Velvet (Zouk)

  1. blinkymummy

    This is a online-friend-meetup trip eh?!!
    COOL!!! =)))

    It makes the exchanges online closer to the heart, doesn’t it?!
    Sure beats fluffy ‘support’ one gets through no. of hits and no. of friends one has on Friendster?!!

  2. mooiness

    bm: the online friend meetups are additional bonuses lah. They definitely made my trip back this time very much more memorable. 🙂 And I’ve got additional reasons to come back more often.

    About fluffy support – agree completely! All what you said plus the “number of comments” one gets. 😉


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