KL Update 5

December 31, 2005 1:18 PM

Continued from KL Update 1, KL Update 2, KL Update 3 – Mambo @ Velvet (Zouk), and KL Update 4.

Lazed around the house again till lunch time when we went out to get some take-away yong-tow-foo for the entire clan. The area that I’m staying in – Ampang, is famous for this cuisine.

Around 5pm I got picked up by a primary-school friend of mine. There was gonna be a gathering of 4 to catch up over dinner and drinks. But first we had to battle peak-hour KL traffic. It took us one hour to travel I dunno, 10/15 kilometres?

We dropped by Low-Yat Plaza because my friend wanted to trade-in his old PC for some cash. This place is similar to the Sim Lim Square in Singapore. Both being a tech buyer’s paradise full of computer and electronics shops.

The second-hand dealers we visited did not give my friend a good price and we were just about to give up when a man overheard us. He offered my friend to buy his old PC. Sweet! ‘Cos by then we were really buggered from lugging the PC and monitor around for close to an hour.

Dinner was at The Overseas Chinese restaurant in Imbi close by. Fabulous Chinese food. We also saw a teacher from our primary days who is now the principal of the school. He didn’t see us. My friend Philip said that he might be gay. And none of us on the table were surprised even though he wasn’t the flamboyant type. There was just this hunch we all had even back when we were kids.

After dinner we headed over to Lecka Lecka on Bintang Walk for some cold beers. On the way there, there’s an alleyway with a perfect view of the twin towers. Of course, I took a pic.

Lecka Lecka is an outdoor place with lotsa palm trees, and arabic style seats. They even provide sheeshas. The place was definitely a favourite for Middle-Eastern tourists.

The rest of the night was spent catching up, reminiscing, and gawking at the pretty girls that walked by. One thing we all agreed on was that we were still the kids from primary school deep down inside, even though most of us are married. 31? Sure doesn’t feel like it.

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