KL Update 7 – Final Day Here

January 2, 2006 2:10 PM

Continued from KL Update 1, KL Update 2, KL Update 3 – Mambo @ Velvet (Zouk), KL Update 4, KL Update 5, and KL Update 6 – NYE.

The last day that I am here was mostly spent at KLCC – the shopping centre that is part of the twin towers. It being New Year’s Day, it was packed. 7 floors of shops, it was huge. We had dinner at The Penang Kafe. Food was good but because it was a halal place, certain soup stocks did not taste as good as the “real thing” because they were made with chicken bones rather than pork.

At night we went to Mambo at Zouk – this would be the 3rd time in one week that I’ve been there. I felt like a regular. Even the toilet cleaner recognizes me.

I have so far not drink too much on this trip, until tonight. Long story short I felt like crap but I made a new friend so it was worth it. Will be taking a bus tomorrow at 3:30pm for Penang, the final leg of my trip. Woo, it has been a great vacation thus far. 🙂

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