Penang Update 1 – Am here!

January 2, 2006 10:41 PM

The bus from KL took exactly 4 hours to arrive in Penang. V. quick. Cousin and his gf picked me up from the station and we went home for dinner. FWAH….my auntie cooked 7 dishes leh! They seem to have an impression that I eat alot. Said in Hokkien, “Aussie boy can eat one! EAT!”

After dinner, they stuck two boxes of durian in front of me: one was D24 and one was C. They say I must try. So I did. And then after all that, my cousin stuck a bottle of beer in my face. How can I refuse? 🙂

Anyways, I’m now feeling bloated. This after feeling like crap the night before from drinking too much at Zouk. I’m anticipating more food Food FOOD. Mmmm.

7 thoughts on “Penang Update 1 – Am here!

  1. emiryo

    BM’s right! They’ll bloat you up… but unless you’ve some medical condition… won’t die lah!

    Guess you’ll be quite a few pounds heavier since you left Oz. Time to buy new pants dude!

  2. mooiness

    bm: erm yeah I found out later last night….wahahah! Imagine a fleshy ball of gas – that was me. 🙂

    lara: yes, but I was never a durian fanatic anyway so I can take it or leave it. 😛

    emiryo: yes I’ve already lost some of my muscle tone. Oh well I’ve got
    plenty of time to get it back once I get home. 🙂

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