Penang Update 2

January 3, 2006 2:57 PM

Continued from Penang Update 1.

True to form today I got subjected to more food. Woke up at 10:30am to a plate of nasi lemak on the dining table. Eat! Washed that down with OJ and some Malaysian coffee.

Went to visit my grandma at her place. That was about 1pm and then off we go for lunch (!). Had a bowl of rice-porridge with fried pig intestines – sounds horrible but was yummy. Had that with more coffee – ice black, “kopi-o-ping“. I’ve mentioned it before, they do make this different in Penang and it is a must try.

I’m heading off for some beers with another uncle soon. He’s my dad’s cousin but he’s the same age as me. Me calling him “uncle” really give him the sh*ts. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Penang Update 2

  1. emiryo

    Penang! Another food heaven!!!
    But sadly I don’t know how to apperciate their Laksa…

    My neice called my younger sis Aunti since young even though she’s an year older!LOL!

    Anyway after 30… we’re consider as uncle already *sob*

  2. mooiness

    the v.u.: Penang => lotsa food! Don’t forget Fried Kuay Teow and Or-Chien in particular. Quintessential Penang food.

    Speaking of prawn noodles, it’s definitely better than the type that you’d get in S’pore. 😉

    I dunno about that seafood restaurant. In any case, we are spoilt for choice in Penang.

    emiryo: Assam Laksa is an acquired taste. Once you’ve acquired it you’d love it.

  3. mooiness

    damion: I have determined to not check my weight till I get back. I don’t wanna put myself off eating. Wahahah!

    darkharf: yes it is! 🙂

    sourrain: but you love me for it. Hahah! 😛

    louyau: well, unfortunately (or should that be fortunately? :)) I will be back in Oz by then. So I should not put on any more weight. 😉

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