Post Holiday Thoughts

January 10, 2006 4:22 PM

I’m heading back to Perth in a couple of hours. My mood? Erm, not sad or melancholic. More a supremely satisfied and relaxed feeling. If you can imagine a grin on my face, that’s how I look right now. It’s like I’ve just come out from a session of sauna and spa.

Repeating what I had said to Blinkymummy when I met her, it is the ppl that make a place, and consequently the holiday memorable. On this trip I’ve:

  • caught up with relatives and old friends,
  • met online friends in the flesh, and
  • made new friends.

And in this age of internet connectivity and mobile phones, there’s no fear of losing touch. And with my blogging, everyone that I’ve met can now see what I get up to until I see them in real life again.

Let’s not forget the FOOD! F*ck man. I’ve lost whatever muscle tone that I had when I left Perth 2.5 weeks ago. Hehehe, but it was worth it. Anyway I’ve got all the time in the world to work it off once I get back to my normal routine back in Perth.

Ah, so so satisfied. Regular blogging schedule would be restored soon. 🙂

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