Do a hate site the XX way

January 12, 2006 11:25 AM

Use this hate site as the companion teaching aid to the guidelines below:

  1. Forget about integrity or honesty. Forget about hiding your identity behind a pseudonym. Instead pretend to be someone else, even better if that someone else has been long thought to be your arch-nemesis. When I say “pretend”, don’t worry about changing your writing style or your drawings. They won’t figure it out.

    In your case Ms. Cheng, you chose to impersonate XLX. Smart, very smart. But I minus points because you didn’t even bother to disguise your writing style.

  2. Don’t waste time trying to form an argument with logic or intelligence. Instead use your most basic weapon of choice: crude references to genitalia. In this instance, the labia.

    One might venture to interpret this strange obsession with an intimate part of the female body, the word occuring a total of no less than 23 times from 3 posts. For good measure, she even threw in a few “cheebyes”.

    Hmm, is XX secretly in love with Blinkmummy? Could this hostile behaviour be the opposite of the truth? You know how some closet gay men act overtly hyper-alpha to try to mask their true selves? Wait, masking their true selves? Hey, that’s right up XX’s erm … alley!

  3. And lastly, don’t worry about being too specific with any particular encounter you may have had with the target of your hate. The person would never figure it out. “Hmm, now who could that have been?” They are not that smart. I bet that their PSLE score is not even as high as yours, hor?

    But then, what if they are smarter than you think? Unless of course, this is an elaborate ploy to be so obvious that ppl wouldn’t suspect you at all. “Nah, can’t be her.” Ah f*cklah, we are too lazy to waste any more brain power on this – admit it Ms. Cheng, it was you wasn’t it? Steady bom pi-pi. 😉

For a detailed analysis of the expose, check out Blinkymummy’s post and Xialanxue’s post.

12 thoughts on “Do a hate site the XX way

  1. mooiness

    shit they linked him? I didn’t realise.

    On the one hand, I wished the site did not exist in the first place. But on the other, it’s good evidence showing the kinda person XX is. Hmm, dilemma. 😉


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