Singapore Day 0 Pics

January 12, 2006 12:01 AM

These photos were taken on the day described in “Blogging in Singapore“.

Got to my hotel around 4:30pm. I stayed at Allson’s – SGD$130 per night. Not bad lah. Comfy and clean. And afterall, it’s only for sleeping and showering in. As for the other nocturnal activity, I didn’t get lucky. 😛

Swee met me at the hotel and we took the MRT from Bugis to City Hall? Can’t remember. Was a short ride anyway.

We were meeting Tai-Sing at Waraku for Japanese food. The place is at the ground floor of the Starhub building. This is Swee (l) and Tai-Sing (r) – both of them used to work at my restaurant in Perth.

The food was good – we had some shabu-shabu thing and another one with the flame-proof paper holding the food over a small fire. It’s just shabu-shabu in any other way.

After dinner we headed over to Ice Cold Beer for some erm … what else? Beer!

The place is an old colonial nyonya shop-house refurbished into a bar. The interior was suitably comfy and atmospheric.

We ordered 3 large Hoegaardens. Mmm.

After the beers, we strolled along Orchard Road, crowd-watching and looking at the Xmas lights.

We then shared a cab and got dropped off at our separate locations. Thus ended the day that I arrived in Singapore.

17 thoughts on “Singapore Day 0 Pics

  1. emiryo

    It’s theOne’s company trip. I just tact alone.

    Day 1. Touch down Perth, red rooster at swan river, cabin stay on a hill. Swim, Canoe, Caught lobster and BBQ by a lake. Ate a bush fly.

    Day 2. The longest jetty in south which took 90 over years to build, Seaside resort, swim in chilling clear blue sea, 18 ppl got roasted in sauna coz the 1st to leave the room have to drink 5 can of beer. Jacuzzi in the room. Drinking party… drunk.

    Day 3. Dolphin watching, climb a tall tower on hill top, watch surfers at mouth of Margaret river, chocolate factory, lavender farm, wine tasting, Orchard, steam boat dinner, Kings park, meet up with friends.

    Day 4. Rented 3 MPV, went south, Fremantle Mkt not open but the girls still shop like no tomorrow anyway, had fish’n’chip, visited her colleague’s brother 100acre farm, get a taste of farm life.

    Day 5. Walk around, fly back.

    Lovely weather, and you guys have the best sea, really layback and relax. Love it! Hopefully next trip don’t have to stay on the coach so much.

  2. hobart

    I just got back from a trip to Singapore too…if you love beer , you should have gone to this place called Brewerkz in Clarke Quay…they brew their own beer…good stuff…i actually went twice in a span of 3 days…and shared a tower of beer (3.5 L) wahaha

  3. hobart

    haha…yeah…i hadn’t had the time to read all the stuff i missed out…and technically no you didn’t…the tower i had was only shared between two of us…and a second one later between the four of us…heh heh

  4. CW

    Nice photos! I love Orchard Rd (I know it’s touristy of me, but I love watching all the people)!

    Looking forward to more photos. Take any of Langkawi? What was the most memorable part of your trip?

  5. mooiness

    cw: thanks! 🙂

    Yeah I took a bit of Langkawi and Penang as well. Most memorable part of my trip – erm, can’t go past the food. Hah! Seriously tho I’d be hard-pressed to pick one part. I loved every bit of it! 🙂 Basically what I said in my post about my post-holiday thoughts.

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