What assets do you own?

January 12, 2006 2:44 PM

I was checking the company’s equipment and assets when this memory of a conversation popped into my head …

A while ago I was driving a couple of friends around in my car. They got to talking about investments and buying houses and the like. I then got asked the question:

What assets do you own?

I said:

You are sitting in it.


Ok ok ok, all you nosey-parkers, kay-poh-chees and prospective wives, here’s my explanation. I have limited amount of cash because I took a big sum out to start the restaurant. My parents have two houses – I’m living in one of them. Buy a house for what?

I hear you say, “investment?” I know I can take out a loan to buy one. But that would mean I have to look for an appropriate house to buy. Then find someone to rent it and I would have to pay to maintain it. All that on top of servicing the loan. Shite, I rather not have the stress.

Yes I know I can get an agency to do all the hard work but that would eat into my investment so what’s the point? I am not gonna buy a couple of houses just to make it worthwhile.

I would rather invest in a fund of some sort than to own property. But again, I don’t have enough to make a sizable return so most of my cash is now in a high-interest account.

For the moment I like the flexibility that I have with my money. And if I have any extra, I can always give it to the family and the business. Strictly speaking I guess the business is an asset. When we sell it I will get a lump sum back from what I’d put into it. Ok then, so I have two assets: my car and the business.

Prospective wives, if you are still interested please send your photo, measurements and a short-bio to: mooiness@gmail.com. 😉

17 thoughts on “What assets do you own?

  1. spinnee

    Wow open invitation to roses out there ah? lol

    it’s true.. rather to invest in a fund than to lock your cash into properties, esp on a downturn, you’ll be stuck with a house and loans to service. 😉

  2. Anonymous

    i am an atheist. i dont have a “prawn face”. i have a nice enough body, tall and lanky. i am of a marriageable age. i club and i am sociable.




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