Singapore Day 1 Pics

January 13, 2006 12:01 AM

These photos were taken on the day described in “Singapore Update 1“.

Woke up around noon time. Cleaned up and went downstairs and next door to the hawker centre for some lunch. I had chicken rice. I still had some time to kill after that so I went to the Pacific Internet outlet inside Bugis Junction to … what else … blog! 🙂

Met up with Swee awhile later and she brought me to a place where I got my bus ticket to KL. After that I followed her around Bugis Junction giving her my fashion opinion. This is what a part of Bugis Junction looks like. I love the faux nyonya shop houses.

Swee soon got tired of my useless opinions and we decided to go get some beers at Breko Cafe just across the road. Her cousin (L) joined us soon after.

I left them around 6pm to go prepare to meet up with my ex-housemates June and Eve for dinner. They were waiting for me at Raffles City which was a short walk away. This is the Capitol Building enroute.

They took me to this place called New Asia atop the Swissotel. Fantastic view.

And this is Eve (L) and June (R).

After dinner Eve went home because she was tired. June and I made our way to the newest club in Singapore – Ministry of Sound.

The queue was madness but we got in using June’s connection with the marketing manager. We met up with some of June’s friends inside.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would notice that I love taking photos of the bars of clubs that I go to. 🙂

The place was split into 4 public rooms where they play different genres of music, and a few private rooms. This is the chill room (L) and the main room (R).

After touring the public rooms, June and I settled down into the main room and partied the rest of the night away.

4 thoughts on “Singapore Day 1 Pics

  1. mooiness

    Chicken rice is chicken rice. If you follow the recipe and are not stingy with the ingredients then you can’t really fuck it up. 🙂

    The chilli at my shop … you can always ask for more from the waitresses. Too late lah, you have gone back oredi. 🙂

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