’s Editorial Integrity

January 13, 2006 12:58 PM

Starryluvly said in “Does Tomorrow have a Tomorrow?”:

Really, the editors at Tomorrow are not doing any favours for themselves. If I submitted a site calling XX a bitch and a whore, fine don’t publish it. Obviously it wasn’t that, otherwise the two editors wouldn’t have published it in the first place. I doubt the two editors would have published it without reading the article I posted – if they didn’t that why the hell are they editors in the first place?

I totally agree. If you purport to be an unbiased disseminator of interesting articles in and around the Singaporean blogosphere, then this action of pulling down a published article is very unseemly. It reeks of bias and a complete lack of objectivity., please explain yourselves.


James Seng said, “because i revoke my vote and that no other editors choose to click publish?” I guess that explains it then. It’s still a mockery of the process, that you editors had set in place yourselves.

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  1. mooiness

    ghost: most probably man. And what’s the bet that it was her who deleted the published entry, and in the process effectively vetoed Agagooga and James Seng’s editorial privileges?


    If anything, Agagooga and JS should confront XX about this matter. If every other editor can yank down something that has been approved by the required editors, then there’s no meaning to the portal anymore.

  2. Merenwen

    Hey mooiness, I was just speaking to Agagooga and he confirms that James pulled his vote for his own reasons and not because of any pressure or whatever.

    And by the way, it’s definitely XX who’s deleting trackbacks. Lots of times she’s the only editor online, so she’s the only one with admin powers to delete trackbacks.


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