My post-holiday body

January 14, 2006 1:50 PM

Since I’ve got back, I haven’t got much appetite at all. Food doesn’t taste the same – that’s a given. Granted, I haven’t gone to a Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant yet to get some hawker goodness. Maybe I should soon.

To compound it further, mom hasn’t been cooking this week because she’s busy with the restaurant. Blame it on my brother for taking an extended holiday. So this past few days, my folks have just been buying takeout.

And for some reason – they love their fastfood more than me! 😛 Ugh, and you all know how I felt that day when I had some McD.

And last night I went to my usual haunt, The Deen with some friends. The company and conversation were good and there were lotsa good looking girls out – I’ve rediscovered blonde girls. Woo, they are fine. But but but, 2 drinks made me tipsy already! What the hell…I drank more than this when I was in Singapore and Malaysia. What’s up with that?!

After The Deen, we proceeded to Geisha and I don’t know … call it “ego” but I was determined to prove that I can drink more than this, so I did. What an idiot. I got *really* tipsy. The consolation was that I bumped into some old friends who introduced me to some new ppl. Another widening of the social circle – yay!

Anyways, after a few hours of sobering up we left. I drove my friend home first. When I got home, I just washed my face, took off my clothes and slumped onto the bed. That was my first night out since I’ve returned to Perth. I wonder if I can last longer tonight?

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