Singapore Day 2 Pics

January 15, 2006 12:01 AM

These photos were taken on the day described in “Singapore Update 2“.

My cousins took me to a peranakan restaurant in Katong for some nyonya food. Then we headed to Far East Plaza to check out some second-hand mobile phones.

It being Xmas Eve, there were masses of xmas shoppers everywhere.

Sometime during the day, it rained down heavily and we were cooped up inside Far East Plaza for a fair bit. This was when we decided to eat again, a mere 3 hours after lunch.

Night came and Blinkymummy met me at my hotel to go have dinner. She took me to MOS Burgers, seeing as how I raved on about it during our MSN conversations.

Her “good friend” joined us soon after. All three of us carried on a great conversation. We then headed off to Loof for drinks.

Met the ppl that BM invited along. Among them were bloggers Verce, ImpetuousMan, Jeremy and Injenue. Loof was quite a comfy place on the roof of a building. It also helped immensely that there was a breeze and it did not rain as feared.

Some shots taken at Loof.

BM was quite the avid photo-taker. 😉

After Loof we headed to MOS. Check out the dash of BM’s car. 😉

The crowd was massive just like the previous night. Probably worse since it’s Xmas Eve.

We couldn’t get in even though BM had the connections – the place was just packed out. So we headed over to Zouk instead.

This was one of only a few photos taken in and around Zouk – the place had a no-camera policy for some reason. Maybe it’s to protect the celebs that go there? Dunno. And yes the pose does look similar. 😉

We had quite a bit to drink whilst there. Moby was kind enough to drive us home. Here’s some shots to show you why BM wasn’t in the condition to drive. 😛

I got dropped off at my hotel, and BM and I arranged to have lunch on Monday. Thanks to BM for showing me a great time that night. It was most memorable. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Singapore Day 2 Pics

  1. mooiness

    louyau: all the bigger sizes are on my Flickr. Usually I got quite a lot and I thought that if I post them on the blog itself, it’d be a pain in the ass to keep scrolling down. 😛

    yeah a lot of ppl that BM knows are bloggers so it was only natural that I meet them all as well. 🙂

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