Avoid Sowing the Seeds of Hate

January 16, 2006 12:34 PM

Great article at TodayOnline.com recommended to me by Kynne. Thanks! Although not written by a TodayOnline staffer, it was nonetheless published because it is a cool-headed and factual retort to XX’s recent tirade against “foreign workers” (or more specifically Bangladeshis, before she edited her own posts) and her justification for her racism.

A snippet:

That a tertiary-educated 22-year-old (supposedly with an IQ in the top 2 per cent of the population) would be capable of such xenophobic views does not scare me. What does chill me is that she thinks her views are comparable to how corporations select their staff and how banks apply demographic segmentation for marketing reasons.

One ironic point in the article also states that:

… according to 2004 statistics on the Singapore Police Force website, is the increase in molest cases reported in nightspots, the very places which Miss Cheng says are “safe” because foreign workers are generally excluded from them (economically, at least).

Link: http://www.todayonline.com/articles/95394.asp

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14 thoughts on “Avoid Sowing the Seeds of Hate

  1. Kynne

    Thinking with your supposedly nice pantat will get you in a hot soup like that. Altering, editing what was already damaged, is of no use. Itu garhmen very the quiet, they are just waiting for the right moment to pounce. I won’t be surprised if they decide to have some form of censorship or even a wide range of tracing, tapping, whatever they call it.. on blogs sooner or later. Been there, seen that.

    Sebab tu I cannot write what is on my mind. Nanti them people tangkap, mati bapak aku.

  2. mooiness

    kynne: if what you say is possible, then I can’t wait to see the govt. pounce on her.

    On the other hand, I really do not wish to see unneccesary controls, restrictions or clamp-downs imposed on the Singaporean blogosphere all because of the idiotic actions of *one* person.

  3. Mad Little Me


    I just written something about foreign workers too..

    But I think ur post is much better..ha ha ha..

    by the way thanks for dropping my site earlier…it strengthens you when the first comment u get
    beside urself is a pat on the back.. 🙂
    more power and blog on


  4. mooiness

    mad little me: mine is just a link to what someone else wrote. Yours make a point that a lot of so-called intelligent ppl cannot grasp, celeb bloggers like XX for example. More power to you too! 🙂

    I link your article here so that ppl can go read it too: link.

  5. xialanxue

    Marcus you are at tomorrow.sg now right?
    Did you see what happened? – My updated trackbacks were removed..
    Anyway check out the “updates” on my last 4 entries.
    Instead of explaining herself, she tried to remove the screenshot evidence!
    *pissed now*

  6. mooiness

    xlx: is it? but doesn’t that require an ImageCash person to look at it before the pic being removed?

    But yes I wouldn’t put it pass her to do it, especially after her shenanigans at Tomorrow.sg over the weekend.

  7. ?

    Just read the article in Today. The writer has voiced my exact sentiments. Unfortunately, as much as we like to sugarcoat the situation, racism does still exist somewhat significantly in the Singaporean society.

    I think what I find really off-putting about XX is how she touts herself as one of the “intellectually gifted etc etc”, yet her conduct shows her to be devoid of class, upbringing, civilisation or (meaningful) education.


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