Singapore Day 3 Pics

January 17, 2006 7:54 AM

These photos were taken on the day described in “Singapore Update 3“.

Woke up late and had lunch by myself. Did a spot of blogging at Bugis Junction again. Then caught up with a friend at Breko. He’s from Perth but now working in Sg. 2 beers for SGD$10! We had some chicken wings too.

It was Xmas Day but the crowds were still out and about.

The weather was especially hot and sticky that day. I wished I could have jumped into the fountain like these kids did.

Alas, I was meeting another cousin and his parents for dinner at this Shanghainese restaurant near Breko for dinner.

The food was yummo – wontons that spill out with juices when you bite into them, and al-dente ramen in pork soup. Woohoo!

After dinner, my cousin said we should check out the water feature at Suntec City. So we walked all the way from Bugis. Got even more hot and sticky.

And when we got there, I was thinking, “This is it?” It just sprays water! 😛

But there were many ppl that did not share my cynicism. They were milling about taking photos or just sitting down watching the water.

Thus ended my 3rd day in Singapore.

5 thoughts on “Singapore Day 3 Pics

  1. Larawannabe

    eh, i went to see the fountain too (3 yrs back i think). isnt it suppose to be a good luck fountain? something about if u walk around the inner part of it counter-clock wise, for good luck… something like that lah 😀

  2. mooiness

    hehe … I do know that it’s meant to be a fengshui thing. The five buildings in the Suntec complex forming an upward palm, with the fountain in the middle.

    And you can’t really walk around the inner part of it. 😉

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