XiaXue vs. Sydney race riots: A Comparison.

January 17, 2006 10:51 AM

Deal with one XX-sympathiser and you’ve dealt with them all. They all have a common modus operandi: attack the critics of her words, their motives and their characters but never justifying her words. Why not? Because they can’t be justified.

Then there are so-called fence-sitters who applaud this 20-something year old girl for “speaking her mind”. Have you ppl even read her words? Maybe you haven’t ventured out of Singapore where you are the majority of the community and have never experienced racism as a result. But ignorance is not an excuse.

More damning is that you *have* experienced racism and yet you are racist towards others yourself. You know how hurtful it is and yet you want to perpetuate it?

To put things in perspective, I thought I’d compare XX’s racist tirade against Bangladeshis in Singapore with what had happened in Sydney just before Xmas.


  • Minority of Bangladeshis (along with Singaporeans too) behaving inappropriately in public places.
  • Brought to a head by her own isolated encounters.
  • Generalised that all “Banglas” are molesters and should be restricted from *all* Singaporean public spaces.
  • Writes about these thoughts on a site visited by thousands daily – some of whom deem it ok to spew forth their own racist thoughts. Even advocated the beatings of any one caught molesting.


  • Minority of Lebanese youths behaving inappropriately on Sydney beaches.
  • Brought to a head by an attack on Sydney beach lifesavers by some of these youths.
  • Racists generalised that all “Lebbos and Wogs” are miscreants and should be restricted from *all* Sydney beaches.
  • Anonymous SMSes were passed around advocating “bashing up Lebbos and Wogs”.
  • … the rest, well you knew what happened.

Is it that difficult to see the potential for harm from XX’s words? Imagine that you are a Bangladeshi. Imagine that you are a dark-skinned Indian. Matter of fact, imagine that you are a dark-skinned Pakistani or Sri-Lankan. Oh don’t forget also dark-skinned Nepalese. Heck, how about every race in and around the Indian sub-continent?

Now imagine that you are in a crowded place, and you were mistaken to have molested someone even though the perpetrator could easily be a Singaporean *Chinese*. You look around and there’s a mob of angry looking Chinese youths just looking for an excuse for some bloodletting. Imagine what would happen. And then imagine that you are not even a foreign worker but a Singaporean citizen.

Change “Chinese” to “white” in the paragraph above and that was the situation in Sydney.

So, why is it so difficult for you XX-sympathisers to understand that fair-minded ppl like me would find Xiaxue’s words to be highly inflammatory and offensive?

Read your history, read your current affairs, read your world news. Update yourselves on the sedition and racial-vilification laws. Please, educate yourselves and become more worldly.

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58 thoughts on “XiaXue vs. Sydney race riots: A Comparison.

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    There’s one stark difference between the two incidents though:

    XX is trying to pass off her inflammatory comments as being misguided/a joke/not meant to be taken seriously. Thus some people (namely blindly religious fans) take it as being that and become no less ignorant.

    When the Sydney riots were publicised, they were given the negative treatment and Australians became aware of the racism occuring, condemned it and thus opened the way for multiculturalism to carry on.

  2. mooiness

    the rational neurotic: yes it does – why do ppl always say it’s personal?!

    But if I can educate at least one person out of the many who flames me then at least I’ve done some good. 😉

  3. ?

    Honestly, I wonder why nothing has been done about it yet. It is all too quiet. Are they watching and waiting? Or are they going to look at the Asia Best Blogger Award and high reader traffic then turn the other way??

    It saddens me to say this but XX is rather typical of many misguided and ignorant Singaporean youths (many, NOT all). The only difference is that she has been given a crown and a sceptre of power as a celebrity blogger. That has puffed up her self-importance, which led to all this rubbish, because she thinks she can get away with it.

    Give power to the foolish and even the strongest kingdom will fall.

  4. spinnee

    I guess everyone should just read leisure blogs with a bucket of salt. Afterall, it’s leisure reading, not some serious reading. It’s good to dissect the good stuff out, and filter the bad stuff away…… To each their own… everyone can have their share of opinion… and the real REASONABLE people will know who’s right 🙂

    Or just be like me.. just avoid that blog which flames unnecessary feature in this post. It’s a total waste of your time to even type the web address. 😀

  5. mooiness

    ?: well said. And I too wonder about the inaction of the Sg government especially after their previous crack down on 3 relatively unknown Internet users, of which only one I think had a blog.

    And at the same time, I also wonder when would XX question herself: why do my words rile ppl up so much?

    spinnee: for the intelligent ppl that can sort out the garbage from the gems, that’s fine. I’m more worried for young impressionable readers who’d think it ok to share her selfish, inconsiderate and racist thoughts. And she does have a fair few of them. What kind of Singaporean society would it be with thousands of these XX-like ppl in it?

    If everyone stayed silent about it, she will just continue spouting hatred because she thinks she’s right.

  6. mooiness

    emiryo: exactly, cannot simply say stupid things. There are ppl who would believe what you say! 0_0″

    If you don’t like foreign workers, clean the estate yourself!


  7. Kynne

    Hehehe… Inaction of the SG garhmen? No lah Encik Mooi. Normally, they go under the radar. Do what? Gathering “infos” and whatever they need. They often do something like this as quietly as possible. Then *wham* it comes out on the Media.

    Anyway, that merah jambu betina is walking on thin line. She may get some “knocks on the door”. Frustrating part is, we have to just wait and see what’s next.

  8. geekgeek

    It’s very simple, really. When all else fails, the intellectually challenged will always resort to ad hominem attacks.

    A: How are you going to refute Points A, B and C?
    B: You suck! You don’t know shit about X, Y and Z because you’re stupid/fat/ugly/bangla.


  9. Michael Chua

    Racism in whichever form is always ugly especially it becomes full-blow and gets acted out in the form of riots. That’s when things turn bloody. We all have to remind ourselves every race has every right to live on this planet just as every other race does.

  10. Anonymous

    You cant expect anyone who has been molested repeatedly to think well of her attacker and anyone who resembles them do you?

    I was one of the victims and I can tell you everytime I think back on what happen to me back then, I was reliving it. I just want you to know that time can NEVER erase the crimes that was commited against you.

    you can forgive, but you can NEVER forget.

    Besides, in our cases our molesters whom we clearly specify as foreign workers/banglahs were NEVER CAUGHT. Because it was dark, their skin were dark it was hard to identify their features. And there were so many of them.

    What forgiveness is there to speak of?

    Do you expect rationality and complete unprejudice from the victims?

    You will never know the biaseness and anger we felt towards them unless you were one of the victims as well.

    Frankly when you have been violated against your will, all diplomacy goes out of the window.

    It takes an extraordinary amount of personal strength and generousity of spirit to even talk about it calmly or be totally unprejudiced against them.

    Face it: none of us are saints.

    As a fellow victim, I understand XX’s anger and her irrationality against those who violated her.

    It has NOTHING to do with an intentions of being racist.

    Just ask any girl if she will dare to walk alone at serangoon at night. She will say you are out of your mind.

    kindly refer to this:

    That said. I really hope that next year you will take a trip down to orchard road and check out the situation yourself.

  11. mooiness

    mad little me: thanks man!

    michael: too right.

    anon: I’m sorry that your experience has tainted your mind on an entire race of ppl. However you wanna justify yourself, you *are* being racist. Your excuse of a bad incident skewing your opinion of a whole group of ppl was also the same excuse used by the first blogger who was arrested for sedition. Think about that.

    I can understand being “street smart”, or to avoid certain areas at night but to automatically assume that a person of sub-continental descent will attack you is just plain wrong.

  12. Anonymous

    I didn’t know if you read the link I post at the bottom, but that will show that our generalisation have some basis. Owner of that blog is an indian girl btw.

    Please do not link me and other victims together together with those seditious bloggers.

    Some of those bloggers were not even victims.

    XX may have abused them, and called them names, I can understand her tirade. But I will NOT add on to her trauma by calling her racist, its bad enough none of her molesters as in our case, were never caught.

    and those people we pinpointed should be remorseful that so many of their country men has commited molestations and not being punished for it.

    So its ok for them to offend us, and not ok for us to offend them? what rubbish. The issue of racism has completely eclipse the issue of molest which is completely overlooked.

    We the victims were waiting for apologies that will never come, not in this lifetime or the next.

    Don’t forget the Japs never did apologised to the Chinese for their atrocities during WWII as well. Talk about this to any chinese today (esp the older generation) and hear them hurl abuse at the entire Japanese nation. Are you calling the entire race of Chinese people racist too? There would not be such anger for no reason. Things might have been different if some form of compensation or apology has been given.

    Our tirade as irrational as it could be, is a cry for help, and a cry for preventative action. To appease everyone XX has already change “banglahs” to “foreign workers” which in my pov is tarring all foreign workers with the same brush.

    PRCs did not molest us. Neither did Thai workers. Angmos did not either. Malaysians did not molest us either. At the countdown that is. At least as far as I know, I have not read of any blogger complaining about being molested by any of the above.

    It has come to the extend that if I’m molested by another group of banglah workers tommorow I cannot even come right out and say that “I have been molested by banglahs” because I will be accused of being racist.

    If that is not ridiculous, I don’t know what is.

    And have it ever cross your mind why were this group only pinpointed as molesters?

    Of course NOT all of them were. Even XX clarify that not all of them were. but it seems pretty obvious from many accounts that MOST of them were.

    There is no smoke without fire. Seditious or not, you have to look at the whole picture and not skim the surface.

  13. mooiness

    anon: you are generalising just like XX is. If you think the older generation’s hatred for the *entire* race of Japanese past, present and future is somehow “correct” then you are already lost. So if you see an older Chinese person hurling abuse at a young Japanese person who have no connection whatsoever with WW2, you’d let the Japanese person be hurt and abused?

    Don’t even get me started on your use of the terms “Japs” and “Banglas” – those are derogatory words. Wait till you hear yourself called a “chink” by a white person, and you’d start to understand the hurt that mere words can cause.

    I did read the link. Do I now hate all Indians? Nope.

    You said about “tarring with the same brush”. Pray tell, what are you doing with your sweeping statements?

    I already listed the differences that the choice of words used would make:

    Read it and enlighten yourself.

  14. jktdo

    It’s people like her that bring not only Singaporeans, but Asians into disrepute. Because essentially, based on our looks, asians aren’t exactly different from any other asian. It is our lives, our experiences, the background and history of our families which makes us different.

    She had no right to go all out and target a specific group of people and tell them that they should not be allowed in public places AND THEN add that it was a joke. That’s as idiotic as saying “No offence, but [insert hateful comment]”. It’s obvious to everyone that she doesn’t take her comments as jokes.

    But if she wants to be hateful and lose out on the wonderful opportunities of meeting people from other backgrounds and other cultures, that’s her loss. Someone should really teach her the strawman’s fallacy.

  15. Anonymous

    I have argued this with someone else before on that chink issue, so I will not argue with you again on that.

    No I have no problems on being called Chink. As the very worse, I may feel mildly irritated that they did not address my race properly, the same way some newly met stranger may call me “Anna” if my name is really “Annabelle”. I personally think people cannot differentiate the difference between being addressed in short forms and being labelled as a color.

    A policeman I spoke to even agree with me that banglah is not a racist term, it is an abbreviation.

    Since they were not respectful to our woman here, don’t expect the same courtesy from us. be thankful that the victims prefer no trouble by not mobbing their quarters, had singapore been a nation that allows demonstrations.

    Of course you don’t hate banglahs (note. banglahdeshis. not indians). Were you molested repeatedly by one? or many? have they ever did anything against your person?

    And did I ever say it was indians who commited those molestations? nope. I specify banglahs. Banglahs, according to an agitated indian person who inform me, were NOT from india. Are you implying that Indians were the molesters I was talking about? Talk about being racist. Talk about tarring them with the same brush. speak for yourself.

    Since you have not gotten the point of the link I posted up, I shall not be bothered to read your link as well.

    Have a good time living in the black and white world of yours.

    I won’t consider myself enlightened, and will not wanted to be if my view is as narrow as yours.

  16. c

    And the most ignorant people are the ones who think they are enlightened.

    ~ the anon from above.

    I saw that you have disallowed anonyomous posting.

    I. is. laughing @ you.

  17. mooiness

    jktdo: exactly. It’s ppl who have never experienced racism that would say the things she’s said. She can be specific by saying this Bangladeshi or that Bangladeshi, but she used “all Banglas” like the anon above.

    anon: by giving me that link, you were trying to justify your narrow point of view about sub-continental Asians. It is you who is “black and white” because you cannot see that there are good and bad ppl in all races.

    The worst are racists who don’t think themselves racists, and you are one. I have never been ill-treated by Indians or Bangladeshis but I have been ill-treated by white ppl before. But I don’t hate *all* white ppl. It’s unfortunate that you cannot see the forest for the trees.

    Good bye and have a nice life in your little world that’s full of hatred.

  18. Merenwen

    Hey anon, I was molested a long time ago, by a Thai foreign worker. I was only 8 then. I never forgot it.

    Then just a few years ago, I was molested again by a Bangladeshi foreign worker.

    And for years, I’ve had to endure the “up-and-down” stares these foreign workers give me, like they’re trying to mentally strip me. Or thinking of ways to rape me.

    All these traumatised me. Like you said, no girl likes to be violated.

    But how come I don’t think the same way as you and think that ALL Bangladeshis are perverts? Hmmm… food for thought, don’t you think? That I don’t make sweeping generalisations about a race like you do despite having gone through the same thing?

  19. SimplySiti

    Oh please… XX and her likes have to spare me the great dramas.

    Possibly tens or even hundreds of Singaporean women get molested or even raped everyday. And banning aerosols sprays and restrricting the places where foreign workers can be is supposed to stop women from being molested? I. Don’t. Think. So.

    People must be blind or dumb or both when they say that XX was not being racist in her post because she obviously singled out ONE particular group of people. Trust me, considering that I myself have been molested so many times before, foreign workers are not the only demographic who are ‘molesters’. And guess what? You dont have to be a victim of molestation to know this!

    XX was just to happy to attach ethnicity to the issue because it just sensationalises her ‘story’. If she is really serious about dealing with the particular problem, she should be addressing the issue of how impt it is to report the incident instead of advocating people to beat each other up.

    Pity some people cant see that this is not a problem that concerns only a specific ethnicity or demographic. Tsk

  20. mib

    Just like to ask a question. If a chinese got molested in chinatown, and all around her were those ‘chinks’ leering at her, would she have issues against her own race in future? No? But by Anonymous’s logic, she should, no?

    Think if it had been an american/australian/british, some people may not even be so angry. Upset probably, but not to the extent of having phobia against people of such skin colour.

    I always thought the behaviour of most american/australian/british were quite atrocious from my observation at clubs. Some of them have no respect for women. But they’ll get away with it. Because their culture is very open, it’s “in their nature”. Imagine if it was swapped with a bangladeshi behaving like an American dirty dancing with the girl. Same feelings? Or more disgusted? I doubt many people can dare say that they are able to tolerate the same behaviour coming from a bangladeshi.

    The conclusion? Most people are biased against Bangladeshi. It is important to rationalise this emotion and realise that it is wrong!!!

    And to the anonymous, no one is belittling the trauma you suffered. Molest is unforgiveable, unforgiveable, unforgiveable. Nobody condones a molestor here. But to attribute an entire race to be sickos isn’t the way.

    The same question goes. What if the molestor had been another race? Chinese? Would you think worse of all Chinese? American?

    There’s nothing wrong in stating that a bangladeshi molested me, that sick b******. There’s nothing wrong in saying an American molested me. But to say I was molested by an American once, I think Americans are disgusting people. I don’t want to ever step into America. That’s wrong.

  21. ?


    “Just ask any girl if she will dare to walk alone at serangoon at night. She will say you are out of your mind.”

    Actually, I HAVE walked down Serangoon ALONE at night, and not just on weekdays but weekends as well, at various times of the evening. Not ONCE have I been bothered.

    But no, don’t let me bring you out of your little well. Stay in there, nurse your injury and your “hatred” and your fear, IF that’s the way you want to live.

    I’ve known others who had been violated along the same lines. Some of them have chosen to let go of the incident and its repercussions, and they are able to live their lives to the fullest. The reasoning is simple. If you let yourself be affected by such incidents and it breeds such negativity in you, you lose and the incident/perpertrator wins. In your posts, you sound somewhat embittered and fearful. And I think that’s sad – that after someone commits such a transgression against you, he still manages to poison your soul and mind in the long term as well. It can be forgotten. Of course it’s NOT easy, but it is nonetheless very possible.

    You may say I have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok. This is just my opinion, based on my own experience, and that of those I know, that’s all.

  22. c


    I’m sorry to hear about your being molested by a Thai worker.

    Come on, no one will be an idiot to think that Banglahdeshis are the ONLY molesters in this world.

    But it seems that they are more likely molesters because of the way they are brought up, as pointed out by another indian lady, whose post I pointed out in one of my commments.

    But on that one particular occasion, (e.g the countdown) they DOMINATE the entired orchard road. I would like to say not only did XX point this out, another blogger: Harosingapore pointed it out in his blog as well (from the looks of it, he is also an indian guy) .

    I can quote you examples from my own blog where total strangers have empathised with me. One even went as far as to tell me the situation isn’t very much different at the NYE overseas (Barcelona) and yes Banglahdeshis were the culprits again this time.

    I can’t do anything with one off cases molestations. In fact those cases are easier to pinpoint the molester simply because its ONE person molesting ONE girl.

    BUT in a chaotic situation where there are LARGE GROUPS of such people around and where girls are the MINORITY, it is way harder to catch those people.

    and that is why I’m highlighting the situation. Its a serious one ok?

    Do you guys really think those victims have nothing better to do then to go around pinpointing people?

    I assure you, if Thai workers were there in large groups at Orchard Road molesting girls, we WILL NOT neglect to mention them to shame them as well.

    Fact is they are not there. Had PRCs been doing molesting too we will not hesitate to pinpoint them as well.

    Not to mention that if they are allowed to continue to do so without being punished, other ethic groups may start to be influence by them and think women are easy targets at such crowds. Tell, me then is it safe any longer for any woman to walk down Orchard Road at NYE? or any other crowded event?

    If thats the case, all women are better off staying at home on such days.

    Thanks to a large flock of blacksheeps. Thanks for taking away our right to enjoy the festivities without the fear of being molested and the right to party in our own country without being violated.

    as for the owner of this blog, I think you are one big hypocrite to be slamming others for racism when you cant even address caucasians by their proper term and had to use “WHITE” to define them.

    ~ anon

  23. c

    And those everyone above, not once did I ever painted Banglahdeshis as perverts. I just stated that they seem to be more likely to molest girls then other enthic groups and they have a specific way of doing so, by moving around in large groups and cornering defendless girls.

    If you girls have been molested and make light of such an issue, no wonder there are still molesters going around the society, and things aren’t getting better because of your silence.

    Its got nothing to do with letting it go. It got everything to do with preventing such mass molestations from happening again.

    If the victims refuse to help themselves, there will be more. Frankly I can simply sit back and watch the situation get worse. Come next year, lets see how many women dares to go out to orchard road and party on NYE.

    I would personally like to see those who make light of the situation there themselves. Since getting molested once or twice is no big deal, why not get molested again?

    I rest my case.

  24. ?

    Letting go has nothing to do with staying silent or making light of the issue. If letting go = making light, then taking the other extreme of that line of logic, we should allow ourselves to be traumatised by the incident in order to give it the weight it deserves?

    I completely agree that we should prevent such molestations from ever happening again. But is the marginalisation of one particular ethnic group (because of their so-called “propensity” to do so) the solution? Next year, another group is guilty, and the year after next, yet a different group, then what? We start banning everyone? Then we should just save ourselves the trouble and just do away with the celebration altogether. Ban the premise/environment of such crime. IF it’ll put a stop to such criminal acts, I say, do it! But it WON’T. The NYE celebration is only an instance of when such crimes are committed.

    Sex crimes are unfortunately one of those pernicious things that have been around in human society for eons. One of the best solutions, it has been concluded, is education. Yet, even that can only go so far. I’m not saying accept this situation, but we need to recognise the root of the sickness and work on that, rather than just treat random symptoms and manifestations with solutions that can lead to even more worrying problems.

  25. c

    To the lady above:

    Banning anyone will not solve the molestation problems.

    Thats why XX did not push the issue of banning them, she went as far as to say that she knew she CANNOT ban them.

    Her original intent as in mine, was simply to highlight the issue to the public what was happening to girls at those parties, and since it seems that the majority of the girls were molested by a certain group, we reported it as such. Only people with overactive imagination and misguided self righteousness will think our objective is being racist, which is utter bullshit, and it was an added insult to an injury for what the victims already went through.

    I’m sure XX got carried away and said some nasty things, but I doubt she went to the extend of the seditious bloggers who were arrested. IRC given such a big hooha, some government official would have been knocking on her door already.

    I was at the police station making my report and I used the term banglah as well. I wasn’t arrested on the spot. I spoke to the media, an AWARE personnel and none of them accuse of me being racist.

    IMHO, I’m really glad those in authority have a better idea where we are coming from then the rest of the misguided blogosphere.

    Last I heard she was petitioning the Ban of Aerosol Snow Sprays at those events, not banning of foreign workers. What is so racist about that?

    saying “we are molested by banglahs” and “Those Malay pigs deserved to die or deported” (this is an example ok) is a world of difference.

    ONE was a statement of fact and an accusation (and not groundless) whole one is blatantly insulting and against the entire race.

    I have to state however, I have not carefully gone through all of XX’s entries word for word, and if she state something along the lines of “those filthy banglah workers should just go home to rot and die” I would be on your side to say she is being discriminating, though I would be understanding of her situation as a victim to be furious at her attackers.

    Whether then the law wants to take her to task for such words of course, is up to the law.

  26. Christina

    Xiaxue likes the clubbing scene, right? Shame she’s not in Perth, coz then I’d tell my dark-skinned Sri Lankan stepfather to bounce that pathetic ass of hers out of the nightclub entrance and down Aberdeen Street. Who has the power now, bitch!

  27. ~*Starryluvly*~

    anonymous said:

    “Just ask any girl if she will dare to walk alone at serangoon at night. She will say you are out of your mind. ”

    Well, I don’t dare to walk down my street in Perth alone at night – does that mean that I should thus be afraid of all aussie men?

    In which case, what the hell am I doing with an aussie boyfriend?

  28. yuuka

    I don`t think calling Caucasians “White” is derogatory. Calling Africans “Black” isn`t either. My British lecturer tells me these are politically correct terms. It`s like calling a horticultural engineer a gardener. ‘Japs’, ‘Chinks’ and ‘Banglas’ are probably on the same level as calling people from Hong Kong, “Honkees” though. It`s perceived as rude.

    Oh and Mooi, “You know how hurtful it is and yet you want to perpetuate it?” That`s just how I feel. But I can also understand why people insist on not changing the way things are. They suffered and they want others to suffer in turn. This is a skewed fairness. The long suffering and resentful usually fall prey to this way of thinking. I know because I`m trying my hardest not to let myself become one of the embittered who take it out on others when I can turn my feelings around and use it so no one else feels hurt like I was/am.

  29. mooiness

    yuuka: funny you should comment on the “white” and “black” thing because I was just gonna blog it. 😉

    As for your effort in trying to stay positive, keep it up. Letting go of the negative energy and turning it into something positive is definitely the way to go.

  30. Christina

    So far he’s done The Shed (which is across the road from The Deen if I remember correctly, all I remember is a whole lot of skanks hanging around), and he just got back from Metropolis Fremantle. There’s no saying which club he’ll end up next! 😛

  31. Anonymous

    in the same line of thought:

    “We were molested by banglas” -> racist

    “We were molested by blacks” -> not racist?

    Tell that to any african american and see if they agree with you its not being racist.

  32. Anonymous

    oh btw, I called u moo.

    are you gonna accuse me of deliberately offending you if I did not address you as mooiness?

    sorry if I pissed everyone off with my incessant comments.

    Feel free to clear if you felt you can come up with no plausible answers.

  33. Anonymous

    To star:

    To be able to walk safely at night in the streets of singapore is something we are known for overseas because of our low crime rate.

    So ok I may be wrong. Go ahead and party during NYE with those banglahs if you dare.

    I dare you to. I would also dare to allow yourself to get sprayed by the same people.

    since you are so sure they would not harm you, you shouldn’t be scared right? And I don’t mean stand on the sidelines. you have to get yourself INTO the crowd. Mingle among them on your own.

    Go ahead, brave girl.

  34. daddycool

    okay normally I really enjoy reading your blog. I haven’t commented before but I have been reading it for a while. you write on some interesting topics, and you always mix the serious with the fun which is great. however, you are constantly blogging about this XIaXue chick. I must admit, I’m getting over reading about her. I’m not Singaporean so I have never heard of her and yeah, she sounds really racist, but who cares? just don’t read her blog. I’m sure there are plenty of other bloggers out there who write racist comments, not to mention the millions of racists in teh world. I hate racism just as much as you do. but there’s no need to write so much about this girl. just get over it and don’t read her blog….

  35. ~*Starryluvly*~

    To star:

    To be able to walk safely at night in the streets of singapore is something we are known for overseas because of our low crime rate.

    So ok I may be wrong. Go ahead and party during NYE with those banglahs if you dare.

    I dare you to. I would also dare to allow yourself to get sprayed by the same people.

    since you are so sure they would not harm you, you shouldn’t be scared right? And I don’t mean stand on the sidelines. you have to get yourself INTO the crowd. Mingle among them on your own.

    Go ahead, brave girl.


    fuck you, don’t patronise me – I’m Singaporean.

    And you know what, I know for a fact that the foreign workers weren’t the only ones spraying people. You have no right to label the whole group of them as molesters because of one incident.

    And I don’t need to prove anything to you. I don’t have to party on NYE among them to prove that I’m unafraid of them. I already know some foreign workers – more than you ever will because of your “must stereotype everyone” mentality. And you know what, even if I did entertain your “dare” (are you fifteen or something, seeing how you have the juvenile need to dare me?), you can be sure as hell that’d I’d be partying among any race of people and telling off idiots, regardless of skin colour or nationality. Everyone has the right to party where they choose, and everyone has the right to a tongue lashing if they do something to piss me off.

    I’m ashamed to call a bigot like you a fellow Singaporean. Bet you were never around for racial harmony day huh?

  36. ~*Starryluvly*~

    daddycool: I think the reason why mooi (and I) often write about Xiaxue is because we know that she yields a large audience. A large and easily influenced audience. Thus, instead of standing by and doing nothing we blog about it so that people will, hopefully, realise that she’s not exactly the best person to be worshipping.

  37. c


    wow look at you, spouting vulgaries already. what a reasonable and matured lady you are.

    How else are you ever going to know how victims feel?

    Are you aware how many victims pinpointed Banglahs as the sole molesters?

    Are you saying the whole group of singaporean girls were blind? misguided?

    of course Banglahs were NOT THE ONLY molesters there. But I dare to say they form the majority. And they are more likely to molest girls then Singaporeans.

    I presume you have never read the link to the post by the indian lady up there, so I guess you know shit about this thing call eve-teasing too.

    So the best way to know is of course be there yourself, before you can even try to convince ANY OF THOSE VICTIMS those people are safe to mingle with.

    You want to sell the idea that they are not likely molesters then other people, prove it.

    What better way to stop our accusations?

    Make an example of yourself.
    You decide, brave girl.

  38. Agagooga

    While freely conceding that from copious amounts of anecdotal evidence, Banglas appear to be committing a disproportionate number of molests, we must, I think, agree that denying that, all things being equal, a bangla is more likely than a local to blind you with foam spray and molest you along Orchard Road on Christmas and New Year’s Eve is an unavoidable concomitant of a society that condemns racism and refuses to prejudge individuals based on their biological attributes, even if they are statistically correlated with certain actions, and that the rigors which Singaporean women have been called upon to undergo have been amply justified in the sphere of concrete achievement.

    We don’t know yet, though, whether they really *are* responsible for a disproportionate number of molest cases. Guess we’ve to wait for the report.

  39. Anonymous

    Star: 🙂 if you say so “brave” girl.

    agagooga: as far as I can see you are the rare few being subjective in this.

    p.s I have added you to my rss feed. keep up the good work dude.

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