The Cott VIP

January 23, 2006 4:16 PM

Yesterday was the first time that I used my VIP card at The Cott, a good 4 months after I’d bought the card. And it was worth it.

The queue was one block long at 5pm and was not moving at all. Usually to avoid such a scenario we would go quite early at 3pm. Yesterday we just walked right up to the VIP queue and got waved straight through. Sibeh shiok.

Unlike clubbing in Asia, the way it works in Perth is that you either queue or you buy the VIP membership – being friends with the bouncer doesn’t help you at all. Everyone gets treated equal, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the crowd is mostly white and preppy. Amongst the hordes of blonde Paris Hilton clones (again, can be good or bad depending on how you look at it ;)), I saw a girl who looks like Tara Reid, pre-boob job and pre-Wild on Tara skankiness. That made my day. I drove home with a grin fixed on my face.

Mmm, Tara.

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