United Colours of Mooiness

January 23, 2006 12:01 AM

Alex and Paul – Australians of Romanian and Scottish descent respectively. Paul’s maternal grandmother is part-Dutch part-Indonesian. He’s mixed up alright 😉

Deeane – Australian Vietnamese (Chinese), Simon – Australian Chinese (parents from China), Lydia – Singaporean Chinese

Yvonne, my cousin- Australian Chinese (parents from Malaysia), Marella – Australian of Bosnian descent, Elaine – Australian Chinese (parents from HK)

Dima, Nishan, Ruvinda – Australians of Sri-Lankan descent, Edweena – Malaysian Indian (Sikh)

Simon – Australian of Italian descent, Reucas my cousin – Australian Chinese (parents from Malaysia). Bandmates.

Kim – Malaysian Chinese, Nadia – Singaporean Indian (edited 7:56am – she’s terribly confused, read her comment ;))

Amy – Australian (dunno of what descent, never asked! :)), and me – Malaysian Chinese.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have worked with a diverse group of ppl including the Irish, the English and the Scottish, as well as an Australian-Croatian, a Chinese (China), an Australian-Filipino, Australians of Greek and Italian descent, a Bangladeshi, Indians, Japanese and of course Australians of Anglo-Saxon descent.

To me, ppl who close off their minds towards other cultures because of prejudice only disadvantage themselves.

One human race. One planet.

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18 thoughts on “United Colours of Mooiness

  1. emiryo

    If you were to get married, I guess it will have to be held in the UN head quarter…

    I always thought I’m 100% Chinese until recently my uncles told me that we have Persian blood somewhere along the line.

    That makes me a terrorist… hahahha…

  2. emiryo

    Nope, I look just like any other Chi~na guy… and the last time I checked… I only have 11 hair on my chin…

    Just that the nose… ayeeee… you can stick 2 markers all the way into them…

  3. Kynne

    True on the “difference in the recipe”. Even if I have that sikit mat-salleh nyer part, my genes are predominantly Malay. Lucky most of the times they think I’m Chinese.

  4. ~*Starryluvly*~


    Starry Nadia Cake


    Additional bits of stuff

    Dump it all in any amount you want and put through a blender to further baffle the cake.

    Kynne Cake

    Same as above only replace Portugese Blood for Dutch and add a dash of Afghani. I think

    hee hee

  5. Kynne

    Maybe in pictures, I don’t look very cheena. But, whenever I book for a cab, they thought the name “Shikin” is chinese and once I board the vehicle, they’d speak Mandarin to me.

    “Xiao chi-eh, ni chi na li?”

    Like that eh, the hanyu pinyin? Wa tak tahu spell. Hehehe…

    Plenty of times when I’m out with my mum, they either think she’s a Chinese Muslim (cos she’s very fair) or I’m a eurasian. Once my dietician thought my dad was a Middle Eastern man.

    Hahahahaha! Uwek!

    Nair mind, I shall wait for the results from my NG Genographic test.

  6. mooiness

    mlm: deep down inside we all want the same thing as humans, if only more ppl can see past the skin and face.

    michael: yeah lah, think how boring food would be without spices and colour? 😉

  7. kimfluttersby

    oh yes.. that proves that you’re able to mix with all sorts, regardless. good on you… if i were your boss, i’d look into that and send u all over the world for business… which i think is your plus point. maybe you should think of travelling and really exploring the world ya?

  8. mooiness

    kim: woohoo! good idea. Now if only my boss’ company was international. 😉

    Yes definitely want to see more of the world. Though we do get spoilt here in Australia because we get to meet so many ppl from different parts of the world.

    re:pic – yeahloh, who ask u to bent over? 🙂


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