What a doozy!

January 25, 2006 10:27 PM

A snapshot from the pink one’s latest post:

Hee hee. This is so ironic after what has happened. Or should that be schizophrenic, since she can’t make up her mind? Or amnesia, since she so quickly has forgotten what her own self has done? Or should that be just plain stupidity? Where got intelligent ppl knowingly dig themselves a big hole like that one!?!?

Flame away, anons!

22 thoughts on “What a doozy!

  1. damion

    i seriously don’t see the big deal with her, she’s like a kid who never grows up…
    or seriously, she might actually represent how the teenagers in singapore actually think…
    imagine a generation of lemming-like careless, self centred individuals…
    is that more scary or suddenly i feel that their government is doing a bad job at educating people?

    give the man a fish, he eats for the day,
    teach the man to fish, he eats for a lifetime….

    obviously, they’re passingo ut the fishes.. 😛

  2. damion

    nah, their education is sufficient…
    and yet lacking at the same time…

    too much false sense of security and too much spoon feeding…
    they should be taught to walk… not made to walk like puppets…


  3. Anonymous

    She should keep her mouth shut. She needs a PR person to look through her entries. She always shoots herself in the foot. It amazes me how shameless she is. She’s such an attention whore, but all the attention she’s getting is just … bad.

    And now with all the bad press she’s getting from MediaCorp and SPH, I wonder if she’ll ever be a writer again.

    – Opheliya

  4. Anonymous


    Missed your last sentence.. was she ever a writer to begin with? I think she is a blogger but not a writer?

    Anyway, if what she has been doing gives her a profession of a writer, omg, me can be one too and who else can’t?

    Seriously, that woman, I really won’t be surprised if she gets beaten up one day.

  5. Anonymous

    Er, she was a writer. She wrote for TODAY as an intern, she wrote for The New Paper (before she got fired) and she wrote for SNAG magazine (an ah beng magazine).

    – Opheliya

  6. Anonymous

    Hoiiiz. “doesnt she aware she laughing stock?” she doesn’t care. xiaxue haters, you should realize about that by now!! at least she’s got lots of fans to rely on, you hooligans and barf-bags and dogs and wolves won’t be able to get her down that easily no matter how much you try!! mark my words!!

    -sAssyAngel 71


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