I talk too much lah!

January 27, 2006 6:55 PM

I discovered italk2much.com in its early days. Back then it was a one-woman blog about a military wife (Ms. Chatty) living on a US Army base somewhere. It has since evolved into a blog-review site with a team of blog-reviewers who take turns reviewing blogs that ppl submit into them.

Watching them tear down a blog and especially a blog owner’s ego is like watching Simon Cowell rip into a tone-deaf person on American Idol. It’s brutally honest and brutally funny. I don’t have a critical eye for blogs but even I know when a blog is not user-friendly, painful on the eyes, written poorly or just plain boring. These blogs deserve the shit they cop from the ladies.

The funniest responses are from ppl who go “My blog IS good! You all suck!” Reality check: like in life where not everyone likes you, not everyone has to like your blog. And it is you who are masochistic enough to submit your blog for a review. πŸ˜‰

Lately, for some reason they’ve been getting quite a few Malaysian blogs for reviewing. And one thing that irks them beyond the above reasons is the slang. Not only because their rules state that the submitted blogs should predominantly be in English but the slangs make it *really* hard for a non-native to understand.

But, even though they hate the slang, the ladies have somehow picked up the correct usage, especially with the “lah”. Here’s some examples:

“I believe IT2M says to submit blogs that are in ENGLISH only, lah.”

“1. Your browser so senzitive, lah. You not miss much, lah. It sucky blog-blog, lah.

2. Oh, CRAP, lah. She talk about how baby-poo learn to say word, β€œLah”, lah.
It sucky-sucky blog, lah.”

“2 – Pop-up, lah. Probably from TagBoard, lah. Boring, icky, lah.”

“i’m a rick folk with no mac .. LAH”

“Annie, I checked in Firefox and Safari and it looks fine in both, lah!”

“Word to your mother, lah!”

And to top it all off, here’s what Ms. Chatty said:

“Dear Malaysian bloggers who submit stupid ass blogs to IT2M:

hisap telur and bodoh and chilaka. “

Hahahahaha! To get the full effect, read their latest two sets of reviews (here’s one and here’s two) and the accompanying comments.

Somehow I made it onto their Blogroll a while back. Initially I didn’t know how I made it, but they were gracious enough to explain it to me. πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “I talk too much lah!

  1. mooiness

    impetuousman: same to you! it definitely would not be as festive as over there but there are a lot of Chinese here and we celebrate amongst ourselves. πŸ™‚

    starry: their system is based on a blog owner submitting their own blog for review and they’d send an email to verify that it is the owner who submitted it. That way, no one you hate can actually submit *your* blog. πŸ˜‰


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