CNY Eve 2006 Gatherings

January 30, 2006 12:26 AM

CNY eve 2006 was on a Saturday. The day started off with lunch at uncle Alex’s place. This is the prayer table with food for our “ancestors”: mom’s parents and her 3rd aunty. It is customary for the ancestors to “finish” their food before we’d begin eating – uncle Alex tosses the 2 crescent-shaped pieces of wood to ascertain that.

My family is big on the gatherings and I love them …

… and not just because there’s always good food involved. 😉 Here was the curry chicken and braised duck.

The following pics are of the aunties and mom, and the cousins (and honourary cousin :)).

More pics of the cousins.

The family reunion dinner was had at a Chinese restaurant in Myaree – Yummy BBQ. Silly name, good food.

This is us stirring and tossing the “yu-sang”, or as I’d like to call it “Chinese raw-salmon salad”. 🙂 It’s a tradition to toss it as high as you can to bring the good luck for the year.

These were the 3 families in attendance.

We had 10 courses of food and 2 bottles of wine. Boy, were we stuffed.

Misc. shots to round off this post.

A great day was had by all. Videos to compliment this post were uploaded previously here. More pics of CNY day to come.

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