Look at it from another angle

February 4, 2006 10:42 AM

Man, think I’m obsessed enough???

Look at this whole cartoon controversy from another angle and think about the following. Does it help:

  • the fight and cause for democracy in the Middle East?
  • the War on Terror?
  • the soldiers fighting on the ground now in Iraq and Afghanistan?

And if you say no to the above questions, then you are amongst the silent majority on the blogosphere in general. It seems like everyone else is jumping up and down about freedom of speech this and freedom of speech that. What’s even uglier are racist and xenophobic views about Islam and Muslims – that Islam and Muslims would never embrace freedom of speech, and therefore this *is* a war on Islam and there’s no need for niceties.

If you stand up for your views like I have, you’d be labelled an appeaser, a lefty or a “liberal multicultural nut”.

I shall use a crude analogy: imagine the terrorists and fundamental Islam to be a hornet’s nest. The correct way to get rid of one is to use a combination of smoke and poison (eg. diplomacy/education and War on Terror). The cartoons are akin to taking a pointy stick and poking it into the nest, and then taking joy in the fact that, “Yes! Hornets do sting! Fuck them hornets! They all deserve to die!” Meanwhile, you are getting stung like nobody’s business.

Here’s wishing that the War on Terror stays on track, and that the gradual opening-up of societies in the Middle-East will happen. And here’s hoping for no more fucktards making the mess even bigger than it already is.

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