Don’t you wish you worked at Google?

February 8, 2006 1:29 PM

Click on image for larger size. Picture from Valleywag: Google snack rooms.

A hungry worker is not a productive worker. So eat, drink and be errr…. productive! And it’s all free. Wooo. You don’t even have to go home anymore. Wait, that’s a bad thing right?

Stumbled upon via Clicked @ MSNBC.

2 thoughts on “Don’t you wish you worked at Google?

  1. mooiness

    Nice to see that they have included lotsa fruit and water, and not just Coke and chocolates. Coke and chocs were my must-have foods for late-night cramming. 🙂

    Yes not very healthy I know but I’ve since matured. Heh.


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