Kuala Lumpur Day 4 Pics

February 9, 2006 12:01 AM

These photos were taken on the day described in KL Update 5.

Woke up late once more and lazed around the house till lunch time. Then drove out with my brother to get the famous Ampang Yong-Tow-Foo for the entire clan. Mmm.

We had so much that I napped after lunch till around 5pm when I got picked up by Phil. Phil and I go back to our primary school days (1981-1986) and he’s my “central figure” that I rely on to get the gang together whenever I’m in town. That night, he only managed to get two others to come out for dinner.

But first, we headed to Low-Yat Plaza in Imbi first. The place is like Sim Lim Square in Singapore where most of the shops sell everything electronics and PC-related.

After spending a good two hours there – parking, ppl, haggling with some second-hand dealers etc., we worked up a good appetite. We then headed to The Overseas Chinese Restaurant nearby to meet up with the others. This is Chee-Chiew (L) and Wai-Choong (R).

The food was fantastic, including char-siew that was so fatty and tender, that it just crumbles in your mouth. Wooo, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

After dinner we headed to Lecka Lecka nearby for some cold beers. Nothing beats that after a great meal on a warm balmy night. It was a short walk and on the way there, there’s a great view of the towers.

I was hit with nationalistic pride. Malaysia boleh! 🙂

This is Lecka-Lecka, an Arabic themed ice-cream/coffee/beer restaurant. Yeah, really. And they even provide sheeshas.

It was a great location and we just sat there enjoying the view of the buildings and the ppl walking by. Oh yeah this is Phil, btw.

We shared two jugs of beer, smoked a little and reminisced and continued our catching-up. Over great conversation and comfortable surroundings, I realised that deep down we were still the kids from primary school. Heck, we even look the same more or less.

I count simple blessings to be the best. The fact that I still have friends from when I was 6 yrs old is one of those blessings. So ended day 4 in KL.

7 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Day 4 Pics

  1. JJJ

    hey I had that Ampang Young tow foo too a few years ago when i was there, though I didnt know that it was famous at the time, damn, now I know why I was taken there.

  2. furipu

    Dude, guess what, I went back to the restaurant again! Yeehar! More charsiu! More knuckle!

    These few weeks, so much good food has gone into me its scary. So much to drink too. And i hadn’t even had a single fry yet. After saying that, now i’ve got a craving for KFC. Omg.

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