McD fries now even more unhealthy!

February 9, 2006 1:54 PM

Too many happy meals at McDonalds

From Fries fattier than thought – World –

McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain, says its french fries contain a third more trans fats than previously thought, citing results of a new testing method it began using in December.

But you know what? Ppl will still eat at McD because they are cheap* and they taste good. While I’m on this subject, ever notice that the “healthier” stuff are more expensive than the not-so-healthy stuff? This is true everywhere, *especially* in the junk food places.

A quick test – go down to your supermarket and check out the prices for lean mince and regular mince. Guess which one is more expensive? So try and argue the healthier factor with the poor working class.

But damn it though, I still think the fries are yum. Even though they are not only fatty, they also don’t decompose. Pity that they had removed the beef-flavouring though. 😛

* Only applies in Western countries. Street/hawker food in most Asian countries are cheaper than McD but they are not exactly healthy either. Moderation ppl!

10 thoughts on “McD fries now even more unhealthy!

  1. Jee

    Actually in Kuala Lumpur there is a recent price hike for hawker food (not bcoz of CNY).. thus closing the gap of pricing between fast food and hawker food.

    Say the cheapest set in a fast food outlet is around RM6, that’s more or lest hawker food with a drink.

    Eating healthy is expensive, especially in relatively less develop countries.

  2. mooiness

    jee: actually it’s the same in developed countries which is why you have such obesity problems in the USA, UK and Australia. Buying a sandwich here is around $4-$5 for the sandwich alone. A McD medium value meal is $5.25 including drink and fries.

    Even if you cook yourself, there’s a price gap between healthy and non-healthy. Like the mince-meat example that I used.

  3. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Well it depends on how healthy you eat tho – if you decide to go organic, then that’s going to be even more expensive.

    But of course, organic food is expensive for a reason – organic farms are much more vulnerable to contamination and have to spend a lot of money on ensuring minimal contamination. Some measures would probably include having to buy land which is isolated enough so that it won’t affected by chemicals from neighbouring farms.

    I think a lot of healthier options (organic or not) are just more expensive because of the amount of work put into them. For example, with lean meat someone has to cut out the fatty bits. Plus, the farmer can’t make money from the fatty bits, so the price goes up.

    Also it’s cheaper for McDs to deep fry potatos because they’re buying in bulk. Thus these savings get passed onto the consumer too.

    All that said tho, I’d much rather have baked sweet potatos than fries, any day.

  4. mooiness

    starry: I do know why healthy foods are more expensive, not disputing that. But most lower-income earners do not see the long term benefits of eating healthier. They just know how much is their weekly paycheck and what food can they afford for that week until the next paycheck comes. 😉

  5. yuuka

    I used to turn to happy meals/instant noodles when broke so yes, I can definitely understand eating unhealthy foods for the sake of my wallet. It`s unfortunate that often, only the rich can have access to the best health care facilities, good foods and more wealth; one of my longest living gripes with the ways of the world.

    That said, I hope people don`t use this as an excuse to start slagging off McDonald`s for making them all fat because I sincerely think being fat is our own fault.

  6. mooiness

    yuuka: also richer ppl have more leisure time to work out. 😉 but yeah yeah McD should not be blamed, now that they have clearly stated the fat and sugar contents of their meals. Ppl should take some responsibility for themselves too.

    tfp: that game is wicked. Looks good – will play it when I get more time. And yes that kid is huge. The parents should be blamed for that. He’s prolly got child diabetes already and that ain’t good for his longevity.


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