My mom wants what she wants

February 11, 2006 12:29 PM

My mom has a way of asking us to do something. Instead of saying:

“Please do this …”

She’d say:

“Do you want to …?”

For example:

“Do you want to drive me to the shops?”
“Do you want to go buy that for me?”
… and so on.

Those are not questions per se because you are meant to say “yes”. Just for laughs, I’d sometimes say:

“Nah, not really.”

The best is when I say:

“Do you want me to?”
And she’d say, “No no, do you want to?”
And I’d say, “No no, do you want me to?”

This continues until I get a smack and a laugh. It’s mostly me laughing.

2 thoughts on “My mom wants what she wants

  1. sourrain


    She sounds like Bacon.

    Me: What do you want for takeout toight?
    He: Do you fancy pizza
    Me: No,i hate pizza
    He: You might like it since you haven’t had pizza for ages
    Me: No thanks
    He: Maybe you need to find a pizza shop that you like…

    And it goess on until I tell him,” If you want pizza, SAY OUT LOUD THAT YOU WANT!”


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