My list of things-to-do for visitors to Perth

February 16, 2006 10:42 AM

As agreed previously with Blinkymummy, I believe that the essential attraction to any place that you’d visit is the people living there. I can appreciate monuments, architecture and art but they don’t hold my fascination for very long. Most of the time, I’d stare at them for a little while, take the obligatory photo and move on.

What does hold my fascination endlessly are the people and how they live. If you’ve watched Lonely Planet’s Six Degrees, this concept of avoiding the tourist traps and living amongst the locals would instantly be recognisable.

So let’s get down to my list of things that I’d fit on an itenary for friends and relatives who would come from abroad or interstate, and visit me here in Perth:

  1. Treat them to a home-cook meal by my mom at my parents’ home – mom agreeing. 😉
  2. Sit down for a coffee and people-watch in Garden City, my local shopping centre. Or go grocery shopping in the supermarket near my place.
  3. Browse the little shops in Subiaco and watch the well-to-do fashionable hipsters.
  4. Fish-n-chips in Fremantle – Cicerello’s or Kailis. Pub hop at The Sail & Anchor and Little Creatures nearby. Coffee on the cappucino strip.
  5. Yum-cha/dim-sum in Northbridge. Or Vietnamese food.
  6. Coffee (again!) and people-watching in the heart of the city near Forrest Chase.
  7. Visiting the wine estates in Swan Valley – only if they are into wines, otherwise the 1-hour drive there would just feel like a drag.
  8. Happy hour drinks on a Friday at Belgian Beer Cafe amongst corporate city workers in suits and ties, and casual wear.
  9. Wine-bar, pubs and clubbing in Northbridge on Friday and Saturday nights.
  10. Japanese food at Matsuri.
  11. Sunday lunch and drinks (Sunday session) at Cottesloe Beach Hotel, otherwise known as The Cott.

Enjoy clicking on the links! Yes these are all places in and around the city – I don’t dig visiting the country-side. Swan Valley is the furthest that I’d go. And I do know that a lot of my activities revolve around drinking and eating. 😛

Fellow Perthites, or those of you who have lived in Perth before, share your tips in the comments. 🙂

Update 17th February 9:20AM
In addition to leaving out Italian food and Corrica’s apple strudels, I’ve also left out this:

  1. Go watch my cousin’s band The Colors perform live if they are playing.

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20 thoughts on “My list of things-to-do for visitors to Perth

  1. Bluey

    I miss the vietnamese food in Perth … cheap and very tasty. Vietnamese food here in Brisbane is not quite the same 🙁

    How about Uncle Vincent’s for Chilli mussels (Not sure whether it is still there) and Blue Duck along Cottesloe Beach? The last time I went back to Perth was a few years ago.

  2. mooiness

    bluey: ah heck how could I have forgotten Uncle Vincent’s or for that matter, Italian food?! *smack head* There’s also Spaghi’s in South Perth, and Old Papa’s in Freo.

    Blue Duck is cool too, I like their buffet breakfast. Mmmm. And then stroll over to The Cott. Or lie on the beach for a while. 🙂

  3. snowflake

    I tried this restaurant a few years back in Northbridge which served Japanese-French fusion degustation meals, it was fantastics ….. can’t remember the name …. don’t know whether it is still there …. *sigh* … It was cheap and yummy ….

  4. mooiness

    leonard: definitely – do the things that the locals do and not visit the obvious touristy places. 🙂

    snowflake: it’s called “K’s” and it’s still there though I haven’t been there in a while. Think I should make a visit and take some pics. 🙂

  5. Bluey

    So Uncle Vincent’s is still there! Cool! Is it at Northbridge?

    I remembered Old Papa’s … brought back memories.

    I love having breakfast by the beach so Blue Duck meets my needs 🙂

  6. emiryo

    You’re right, site seeing is good but the most important thing for me when travelling is to have a taste of the local culture, food, history and their way of life…
    I spend lots of time talking to the local ppl, and visit their home if possible. Pray tell me more.

  7. mooiness

    bluey: yup still in Northbridge just a different location.

    emiryo: yup am in the same mind about it as you are. Tell you more? The list is all that I could think of for now but the #1 thing would definitely be spending time at a local’s house. Your travel experience is so much more enriched by that. 🙂

  8. ~*Starryluvly*~

    I’d go one further than you – go to Mundaring to eat pizza at Little Caeser’s Pizzeria. They’ve won international awards, beating the New Yorkers and Italians y’all!!!

    ps, if you go I recommend:

    Smashing Pumpkin
    Mud Honey
    Pecan Pie


  9. mooiness

    kim: Taka’s good too. Actually there are quite a few good Japanese restaurants around the place. Spoilt for choice for a small city like Perth. 🙂

    sourrain: can! It’d be so much fun. Woohoo!

    starry: eh I already said I don’t like driving 1 hour out of the city. 😛 But I guess if my mood is there, I might just try it one day. You told me about this place before. 🙂

  10. Di

    Matsuri!! My all time fave Jap restaurant in Perth. Wonder if it still tastes as good as when I was there. So there’s an open invitation to taste (your) mum’s cooking hey? How long is the offer valid for? :p

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