How a prominent blogger deals with a random fan

February 17, 2006 9:45 AM

The Doorman is a bouncer in NYC and is the owner of a blog called “Clublife“. He’s quite well-known in the NYC blogosphere and had just signed on to a book deal. He’s frequently ascerbic and sarcastic and this was how he dealt with one random fan who had IM’d him in the middle of the night. A snippet (with typical IM typos and mispellings):

XXXXX: Obvioulsy your not a fraction of what ur blog portrays – good luck with it all

TheBounncer: Dude, please. What do you want me to do? It’s 4 in the fucking morning, and you’re a random dude IMing me.

XXXXX: Some damn manners and respect to start – fuck

TheBounncer: How about I fly 20 hours around the world and KICK YOUR ASS?

XXXXX: I have emailed you a few times so I wouldn’t expect to fall into the ‘random’ cat – but it all good

XXXXX: lol @ ur last – thats more like it lol

TheBounncer: I’d do it, too. I don’t like you.

XXXXX: yeah? cheers – good luck with it all

TheBounncer: What’s the matter?

XXXXX: You dont like me? Well to be honest – I dont think I fucking like you either – been reading ur blog for some time and actually fucking related to you – What the matter u ask? What a fucking disappointment – good luck dude

TheBounncer: come to NY….I’ll beat you up

XXXXX: yeah whatever

TheBounncer: Why not?

XXXXX: Im going to spend thousands of dollars to fly to NY and ‘possibly’ (lol) get my ass kicked? That would make me a loser as well

XXXXX: Later

TheBounncer: Don’t go!

Read more on his post. Hilariousâ„¢!

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