“The Ramen” – new yakitori restaurant

February 18, 2006 3:39 PM

Discovered a new place last night, misleading called “The Ramen”. It doesn’t serve ramen, but yakitori dishes.

It’s tucked away on Hay Street East, near Cinema City. You have to walk down an alley towards a non-descript front door and down some steps. The name is presumably the name of the previous establishment, and they are in the process of getting the liquor license transferred over.

Food was cheap and good. The place could be likened to an izakaya – you eat small dishes of a variety of dishes with alcohol. Fantastic find. 🙂

5 thoughts on ““The Ramen” – new yakitori restaurant

  1. mooiness

    I’m in Kardinya.

    Yes check out this place – it’s very authentic. Probably the first of its kind here in Perth. You’d walk past Cinema City and the first alley on your left, you should see an unmarked door way. Walk down some steps and you are there. 🙂

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