Sports crazy

February 20, 2006 11:40 AM

On the drive into work this morning, I caught a funny story on Jay and The Doctor on Triple J. I couldn’t substantiate it with a link and I’ve since forgotten the character’s name. If you live in Aussieland and you’d heard the same program, let me know the details of it.

Anyway, the story goes …

Famous Aussie cricketeer in his 70s argued against the building of a railway line through a cricket ground named after him in Queensland (I think). The city council relented and then decided to build the line through a neighbourhood that the cricketeer lives in. No joke! Cosmic black humour or what?!

Naturally, famous cricketeer’s wife got upset that they would have to move from the family home which they had live in for the past 50 years. A home full of memories and sentimental value.

Famous cricketeer said to his wife, “We have to think about more than just ourselves. Think of the community and the benefits that the railway line would bring.”

In other words, it’s ok for the railway line to be built over his neighbourhood but not the cricket ground named after him.


Perfect story about how sports-crazy some quarters of the Australian population are. Is this fiction, or is it a case of “life stranger than fiction”? 😉

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