Criticism by telling the truth

February 21, 2006 8:46 AM

This is how you use freedom of speech. Instead of inflammatory cartoons, this would have carried greater effect because it forces moderate Muslims to face the extremism within their ranks. The PM has said that:

… a commitment to jihad and extreme attitudes towards women were two problems unique to Muslims that previous intakes of migrants from Europe and Asia did not have.


… there is a small section of the Islamic population in Australia that, because of its remarks about jihad, remarks which indicate an extremist view, that is a problem.

(Source: PM stands by Muslims comments – National Breaking News –

His views are shared by the Foreign Minister Alexander Downer – Muslim minority a concern: Downer – National Breaking News –

And somewhat predictably, one of Australia’s most senior Islamic clerics has accused Prime Minister John Howard of inflaming public hatred towards the wider Muslim community – PM inciting hatred, says cleric – Top stories –

I do not feel the PM’s words were inflammatory or radical because they were truthful. Small sections of the Muslim community in Australia and in other Western democracies in the world are extreme by nature. Instead of feeling besieged by the “mainstream”, moderate Muslims should stand firm together with the government of the day and strongly condemn extremism and terrorism in all shapes and forms.

The eradication has to start from within, and not without because we have all seen how effective that has been thus far.

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2 thoughts on “Criticism by telling the truth

  1. emiryo

    Truth is not kind, no matter how you sugar coated it.

    When someone point out the -ve facts, we should face it, solve it… but sadly ppl always turn self-defensive and shoot the messager instead…

  2. mooiness

    Most of the times, criticism will be accepted when they are truthful and polite, and when there’s a sense of truly wanting to make something better.

    Unfortunately to some sectors in the Muslim community, even polite criticism are unwelcomed. And the problems keep repeating itself over and over again.


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