Stop wanking in the showers!

February 23, 2006 9:51 AM

This is too bizarre not to share. Apparently a notice was sent out to students living in the student dormitories at the University of Durham in the UK to stop masturbating in the showers because of recent blockages in the plumbing system caused by …. SEMEN! 0_0″

Hahahahah. Oh man. Here’s my question though: why aren’t all university dormitories around the world populated by oversexed males having this problem too? Or how about tall apartment buildings which presumably share common plumbing from the top of the building to the bottom? Does the size of the pipes matter? Heh.

As the blogger who broke the story says in a very understated manner:

I recently discovered that studying in Durham now has a little bit of a downside.

Link to post.

Stumbled upon via SpyMy.

14 thoughts on “Stop wanking in the showers!

  1. mooiness

    michael: now you know! Then again I don’t know how true this is considering this is the first time in the age of all mankind that we’ve come across this problem?! 😛

    emiryo: OMFG you are gross. Hahahhahah. OW! The image is killing my mind!

  2. snowflake

    Yuck! There were a lot of rumours/urban legends amongst male colleges, one of them being 1 of the 6 colleges along Stirling Highway,(2nd closest to Archi actually) …. apparently a lot of dirty mattresses were found with mysterious holes in them at the end of the … whatever that means …

  3. SimplySiti

    But wont the water sorta dilute the stickiness of the semen?

    I think it is an attempt by the colleges to make their students less erm….’wanky’.

    But oh well, more reasons to have sex then (be it heterosexually or homosexually)!



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