Less Tammy, More Daphne

February 24, 2006 2:59 PM

What? You don’t know who Tammy is? Go look it up on Technorati. Ain’t gonna link to anything here. The poor girl has got enough publicity as it is. Once again, the Singaporean blogosphere belies the size of the nation.

Then there was the Daphne Teo thing. Till this day I still get ppl who stumble onto my blog through my trackback on Tomorrow.sg (someone submitted me, I didn’t link myself there), or by searching for it on Google.

So enough about Tammy. Let me refocus your attention on one of the original shit-stirrer (or did her shit get stirred?) from the past year. Daphne lah! Fuck’s sake, need me to spell it out for you!? 😛

  1. Her new blog – hasn’t been updated since early Jan 2006.
  2. Her boyfriend Erik Hagen’s blog – more up to date. Even has a pic of her. Woohoo!

There, isn’t that better? Give your attention to someone who wants it, instead of someone who just had a stroke of bad luck.

Now if and when Dawn Yang resurfaces in the blogosphere (for real life, you all can buy gossip mags or FHM or Maxim), or when Xiaxue shoots off her mouth in the wrong direction again, or some as yet undiscovered blogger pariah comes along, you can count on me to give my $2 dollars worth of commentary. $2 ah! Not just 2c ok?!

Don’t look me no up hor? I is blogosphere commentator #1 baby! Hahahah!

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13 thoughts on “Less Tammy, More Daphne

  1. Boss Stewie

    i didn’t write anything about tammy cuz i think creating more publicity for her would be the last thing the poor girl ever wanted…

    but i did shamefully watch the video.. *sniff*… i am so ashamed of myself.. i should go to church and repent tomorrow

  2. mooiness

    boss stewie: watching is ok, we were all curious. I watched it but I turned it off halfway. As porn, it is not very good porn to begin with. And definitely pity the whole situation that she has got herself into. And why is nobody talking about the guy? It takes two (or more) to have sex you know!

  3. passerby

    daphne is an attention whore.. don’t let her have the satisfaction…but i wish beautiful dawn yang would resurface.. i’m having dawn withdrawal symptoms! sob

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