Live action Xiaxue

February 27, 2006 8:23 PM

Was chatting with Kimberly and I was telling her that I saw a video on Xiaxue’s blog. She said, “Where got?” I could have sworn I saw her posted it up on the weekend but I guess she has taken it down.

But the internet is vast – in the internet, everyone can hear you scream. 😉

Here’s the link to the search results on YouTube.

And check out how someone tag his/her video of Xiaxue:

That’s pure gold. Can’t make that up even if I tried. 😛 The vid that I told Kim about is the second one (June + me) where they are doing some lip action thing.

10 thoughts on “Live action Xiaxue

  1. Leonard

    hmm..just cannot connect to yuotube to see the video…

    xiaxue is overhype ba..singapore always look for ready-made, they would look for new things or groom stuffs….

    so since xiaxue was well-know already….just invite her instead of finding another good blogger out there…thats why she’s BIG!

  2. SimplySiti

    Speaking of that thing, I was appalled by smthg she wrote a few days ago about she choosing to get rid of parsley instead of STDs.

    Just go to show how selfish she is – she above others.

    Oh well, lets hope she doesnt sleep around too much (assuming she can).

  3. mooiness

    siti: that whole post was moronic. She couldn’t even differentiate between parsley, spring onion and coriander. They are all different!

    And that statement about STDs – her mind does work in strange ways doesn’t it? 😉


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