The Magic of 2+2

March 1, 2006 4:30 PM

A man and a woman – both of mixed race, both with white mothers and black fathers, have given birth to a set of twins. One is black. One is white.

A million to one odds.

Check out the pic in the article: Black and white twins | The Daily Mail. It’s amazing.

Race is truly superficial as all intelligent ppl understand it. But we still have problems in the world today caused by a blind adherence to colours and what they inaccurately imply about our characteristics. However, with the world mixing around in greater frequency we can only hope that the world would eventually become colour-blind.

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Stumbled upon via Metafilter – more fascinating reading in that post, including a story about a black girl born to white racist parents in South Africa.

6 thoughts on “The Magic of 2+2

  1. Andrew Lim

    I believe that even if we were all the same colour and looked alike, there would still be discrimination.

    Nazi Germany: Germans and German Jews were both white but the Jews still experienced genocide from the other Germans.

    Rwanda: The Hutus and Tutsis were both black but the Tutsis still experienced genocide from the Hutus.

  2. yuuka

    Hey Andrew, I agree. I used to tell my little brother that if people were all clones ala Agent Smith, people would still find something to be unhappy about. It`s disappointing but I`m sure there is something we can do to work things out. For starters, I think people who are fully comfortable with themselves find less things around them irritating. I find that it`s definitely true that we have to start change in ourselves before we can expect anything else to change.

    And Mooi, thank you for the great news! I love this sort of thing.

  3. mooiness

    andrew: when I say “colour”, that implies “race” too. So one could be of the same colour but still be hated by a racist of the same colour, but of a different race.

    yuuka: yeah I love these kinda news too – very uplifting and heart warming.

  4. emiryo

    There’s no way to change your color, we don’t want to be Micheal Jackson… race, religion, class… everyone is diff in some way.
    The only way to handle this is to be proud of yourself, and respect others for who they are.


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