Two Tribes Perth 2006

March 6, 2006 1:51 PM

These photos are complimented by the videos that I took.

The Two Tribes Electronic Music Festival descended yesterday upon the Supreme Court Gardens, smack bang next to the city on the foreshore.

It was a very hot day with a max of 38°C, but also a very fine day for raving.

I went with Simon and we bumped into his cousin Nick, and Yuji and his wife.

The festival consists of 3 main areas: Subliminal (house), Godskitchen (trance) and Air (drum-n-bass).

The two tents had fans in the ceiling and hoses with water dripping down from them for extra cooling. The only downside of that is as you can imagine, the ground becomes soggy and eventually muddy.

We got there at 2pm and for the first hour or so we sat under the shade because it was too hot. We listened to the booming beats and ppl-watched.

Queuing for alcohol was actually faster than queuing for the water.

After a few drinks, we were ready to get on with it. We went exploring all three main areas.

And then I got into taking photos of random strangers. I’m getting better at it too. 😛

Oh yeah then there’s also the perving of hot chicks.

For more of that, click here. Go on you pervs. You know you want to.

The main attraction was of course Armin van Buuren. Couldn’t get a good pic of him but the place was electrifying when he came on.

We partied from the afternoon till dusk, till the evening.

I sure am glad that I’m not cleaning up the mess.

At 9pm I left and took the bus home. Why the bus? ‘Cos I knew that I’d be drinking quite heavily. Be smart – don’t drink and drive! And remember the sunscreen! 🙂

The complete set of photos are on my Flickr set.

18 thoughts on “Two Tribes Perth 2006

  1. Leonard

    since you could not tahan the heat, why didn’t wait till dusk or evening then go..nevertheless you would miss the babes!

    haha…the cleaners were always the one suffering after any major event!!

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